Kim Mortensen

Kim Mortensen is the Co-Owner of Twin Cities Mom Collective. She has held many different titles throughout her life including, teacher, fundraiser, coach, and marketing professional. However, the titles held most dear to her are wife and mom. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Alex, and together they have three kids, Lucia (10), Ellia (9), and Decker (7). Kim is passionate about connecting women through the journey of motherhood, normalizing the hardships and challenges that come with the territory, and finding moments of joy and celebration in between.
Young mother sitting on sofa with daughter, holding her hands and talking to her seriously at home with room interior at background. Resources for speaking to children about school shootings

Resources for Speaking to Children about School Shootings

Infuriated yet paralyzed... Motivated for change yet helpless... Mourning yet feeling guilty... Thoughts and emotions running wild this morning. For all of you mothers who almost didn't do the normal school drop today, I am with you. How are...
Little Creators Co.

Local Love: Little Creators Co.

Today we are sharing our LOCAL LOVE for Little Creators Co. and it’s founder, Ellen Isaacs.  Tell us all about you! What you do and where your passions lie? I am a local kindergarten teacher, wife...
Doing Good Together

Local Love: Doing Good Together

Today we are sharing our LOCAL LOVE for Doing Good Together and it's Executive Director, MiaLisa Millares! Tell us all about you! What you do and where your passions lie? I am the Executive Director of...
Local Love: renee bolla

Local Love: Renee Bolla – Debut Picture Book Author

Today we are sharing our LOCAL LOVE for Renee Bolla - Debut Picture Book Author! "I am a self-taught writer who is inspired by motherhood. It is the beginning of my writing journey, and I...
Lil Beanstalk

Local Love: Lil Beanstalk

Today we are sharing our LOCAL LOVE for Lil Beanstalk and it’s Founder Lisa Shol! "I hope to inspire others to think about their own carbon footprint and how they can participate in a more sustainable...
All Clean Food

Local Love: All Clean Food

Today we are sharing our LOCAL LOVE for All Clean Food and it’s Founder Laura Meemken! "We want every family, and especially families with allergies and sensitivities to know we are here for them!" Tell us all...

Local Love: Melanated Mamas

Today we are sharing our LOCAL LOVE for Melanated Mamas and it’s Founder Monica Jones! "Minneapolis, especially, has some of the worst racial inequalities in the nation. We have a lot of work to do to...
Aneta Mendoze - Women Helping Women

Women Helping Women & Paying it Forward

The highlight of my work with Twin Cities Mom Collective is witnessing women helping women. It is not always within the most grandiose of actions. Sometimes it is as simple as an encouraging comment...
Aneta Mendoza - Little Big Things

Local Love: Little Big Things

Today we are sharing our LOCAL LOVE for Little Big Things and it's founder Aneta Mendoza. "I have learned over the years that it is not those who are close to you in age and have...

Local Love: Rebecca Prenevost – Author of the Mom Walks series

Today we are sharing our LOCAL LOVE for author Rebecca Prenevost and her Mom Walks series. "I never in a million years thought I’d be a writer. I spent nearly 20 years working in data, analytics, and research....
How to Help Ukraine

How to Help Ukraine

Something happens when we become moms. When our children enter our lives, an unexplainable urge to protect and defend takes over our being. Call it maternal instinct or mama bear mode, but it is...
Pajamas with Love - Local Love

Local Love: Pajamas with Love

Today we are sharing our LOCAL LOVE for Pajamas with Love and it’s Co-Founder Leela Rao! "Pajamas with Love knows that children have bedtime rituals that play an important role in the process of getting them...
Local Love - Co-Founders of Kobe Co.

Local Love: Kobi Co.

Today we are sharing our LOCAL LOVE for Kobi Co. and it's Co-Founders -Tasha Harris and Kobi Gregory! "For me candles are mood-makers, like music. No matter the day you’re having, a song can be...
Twin Cities igloo dining

Igloo and Heated Patio Dining in the Twin Cities

Ready for something new? Igloo and heated patio dining is offered by many places throughout the Twin Cities. Make a reservation for your next date night or girlfriends' dinner!  If my husband and I are...