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Local Love: P&TY Granola Co.

Today we are sharing our LOCAL LOVE for P&TY Granola Co. and it’s founder, Brit Williams!

photography by Skylar Rae

Tell us all about you! What you do and where your passions lie?

My name is Brit Williams and I live by 3 pillars: passion, loyal, grateful. As long as I’m in those lanes, I’m doing the right thing. In everything I do, I want to make sure I’m passionate about it. I stand loyal to those that are important to me and the things I believe in, and remain grateful for the opportunities, people, and moments that happen. I am a wife to Trevor, and mom to Oakley (4 yr), Lennox (8mo), and Tillie (14 yr old dog). I have a full-time job as a Sr. Marketing Manager of Events & Campaigns bringing to life the big picture through really small important details. I love hanging out with my friends, staying active, and a good glass of wine or cup of coffee. The best way to describe me is “consistent and predictable” 😉

Tell us all about P&TY Granola Co!

We are P&TY Granola Co – granola bars that say “Please & Thank You”

Our granola bars are made with gluten-free, whole ingredients, including nut butters that we make ourselves. Our bars are chewy and yummy and the perfect snack for kids and adults alike that are on the go. Feel good that when you bite into one of our bars, it will not only taste delicious but fill you with all the right nutrients. Beyond how good they taste; our bars are an invitation to act with respect. We name all our products after manners to spread kindness and remind people that even though we may not agree with each other we can still respect each other as humans. I want these granola bars to be so good that you want to grab one everyday and then are invited to act and make a difference.

I first started making granola bars for my husband because I just didn’t like the bars he was eating from the store, they were empty calories, no nutrition. I set out to make a granola bar that he liked but was also jam-packed full of good nutrients. I eventually started bringing them onsite with me as an event planner for my staff, as a little bit of home-made goodness to provide energy on long days. In 2019 one of my clients was a national health food grocer and the staff there asked me if I sold my bars. “No….but should I?!”

That was in April of 2019 and by June 2019 I sold my first granola bar!

I started P&TY in hopes to make products that are both nutritionally packed but also tasted super yummy.

It then evolved into a bigger message of mutual respect through good manners. I wanted my bars to be so good that everyday people would grab one and be reminded of the power of manners.

Manners, in the grand scheme of things means that you respect someone, even though you may not agree with them. At its essence we are all humans doing great things and we may just need a reminder to be kind to one another.

I think about the Ripple Effect of Manners:

  1. Eat a PTY Granola Bar
  2. Show up with good manners
  3. Mutual respect for each other
  4. Take that positive energy
  5. Share more joy

What do you love about the Twin Cities area? Why is it the perfect place for your business?

The people! My goodness does everyone just want to support, help, and promote. I think we are in a community where people know and understand what it means to work hard and give others a chance. Doesn’t matter what you’re working on or trying, there will be someone out there that can help you get to the next step.

What is the best way for our TCMC community to support your business?

The best way to support is to order online, visit a farmers market and share on social. My heart explodes when I see your name, get to meet you in person or have the privilege of sharing what you’ve posted – thank you!

Now let’s talk about your role as a mother and friend. How do you prioritize friendships and connections with women?

Through my model calendar I use a tool that helps me compartmentalize how and why I’m spending my time. I want to make sure that where ever I choose to be that it aligns with my priorities and I can focus on what I’m doing in that moment.

Being a mom is no easy task in and of itself. How do you relax and take care of you?

I have 3 non-negotiables each day: sleep, workout, shower. All of those are focused on my foundation and I don’t budge on them very often. I’ll move things around, choose to be late to something, structure my whole day around having those 3 things. They make me feel better and energized for my day.

What’s been your greatest joy in motherhood?

My greatest joy is in the small moments – When I see them smile, when I notice them connect the dots on something, when I get to see into their world. My job as their mom is to help them be their best selves and to get to watch that day in and day out is so freaking amazing.

How do you hope your lives influence and/or inspire other women?

I hope that I get to show others what hard work and dedication can bring. I don’t have an amazing talent, I’m not extraordinary in any sort of way, but I do work hard and I do my best when I do something. I hope others feel empowered to take their dreams into their own hands and to keep taking that next right step…eventually that next right step will take you exactly where you want to be.

Brit’s Local Loves:

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Locally based business: Gold Ivy Health Co. 
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To learn more about P&TY Granola Co you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram or over on their website – https://www.ptygranolacompany.com/

We love having the opportunity to share the women behind Twin Cities businesses and organizations! If you would like to recommend another local business you think should be featured in our Local Love series, please email us at info@twincitiesmom.com.

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