4 Reasons to Celebrate National Dairy Month

Our partners at Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin share with us the top reasons why we should celebrate National Dairy Month this June!

summer cheese and meat platter - reasons to celebrate national dairy month

June is here, and it is time to celebrate National Dairy Month! Starting in 1939, National Dairy Month is a dedicated time to celebrate the dairy industry and bring focus to the greater use of milk and other dairy products. In your neighboring state of Wisconsin, National Dairy Month is celebrated even bigger than anywhere else because there is so much to celebrate in America’s Dairyland!

Check out some footage here of Twin Cities Mom Collective’s visit to Horse Creek Holsteins with Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin!

National Dairy Month is a great way to start the summer with nutrient-rich dairy foods. Here are 4 of the top reasons that you should celebrate dairy not just in June, but all year long.

Dairy Nutrition 

two glasses of milkDairy foods provide a unique nutrient profile that helps people of all ages achieve greater health and wellness. Real dairy has immunity-boosting nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, zinc, and protein. Dairy foods like milk and cheese are a natural source of immune-boosting nutrients needed for overall wellness. In fact – there are 13 essential nutrients found in milk! As a natural source of protein, dairy provides the ‘pick me up’ you need to go all out.

Dairy Sustainability 

U.S. dairy farmers are committed to reducing their carbon footprint as part of the dairy community’s initiative to become carbon neutral or better by 2050.

Our dairy farm families are committed to sustaining and preserving the environment by finding new and better ways to care for and manage land and water resources. For example, Wisconfar range shot of a farm - reasons to celebrate national dairy monthsin has over 28 dairy farmer-led watershed groups that protect hundreds of thousands of acres of land and water. In addition, our farmers continue to innovate in their sustainable farming practices to keep it that way.

Producing a gallon of milk has 19% less greenhouse gas emissions than it did in 2007. That’s equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere by half a million acres of U.S. Forest every year.

The carbon footprint of a glass of milk is two-thirds less than it was 70 years ago, yet it still has the same nutritional benefits and great taste.

Dairy is good for you and made with care for the planet. From the farm to your fridge, U.S. dairy is taking steps to reduce food waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Dairy’s Community Impact

woman farmer feeding cowsYou might not realize it, but the dairy you buy at the grocery store comes from hard-working farm families. 95% of Wisconsin dairy farms are family-owned. They’re the ones that provide us milk, cheese, and more from their farms to our tables. In addition, they help schools create health and wellness programs that get students the nutrition they need and even help stock food pantries in their communities. 

Wisconsin dairy farmers have dedicated their lives to feeding communities across the state, country, and globe. In fact, Wisconsin dairy farmers help fuel the state’s economy at the rate of more than $86,000 per minute. Farming is a labor of love – a love of the land, cows, family and feeding the world

Animal Care

Wisconsin dairy farmers know when it comes to cows – proper health is essential. That’s why dairy farmers offer nutritious diets, comfortable living conditions, and good medical care to help maintain a healthy, comfortable herd. Dairy cows have access to feed and fresh, clean water 24 hours a day.little boy petting a cow

Dairy cows eat diets that are carefully planned by dairy cattle nutritionists. As a result, they often eat healthier than most people. These diets are created to meet every nutritional need of the animals throughout all stages of their lives.

Living here in Minnesota, so close to your Wisconsin neighbor, gives you access to high-quality dairy products. And it all starts with the dedicated dairy farm families who are committed to treating their cows and land with the utmost care — because quality care yields quality products.

To find out more about Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin and National Dairy Month, please visit our website.





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