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Local Love: Little Creators Co.

Today we are sharing our LOCAL LOVE for Little Creators Co. and it’s founder, Ellen Isaacs. 

Little Creators Co.

Tell us all about you! What you do and where your passions lie?

I am a local kindergarten teacher, wife & mom who loves creating engaging activities for my students and my own kids! I love crafting, going on adventures with my kids, visiting with friends, & going to concerts and musicals! I love learning about history and how to be a better teacher.

Tell us all about Little Creators Co.!

I had my third baby this past spring and took the 2021-22 school year off to be home with my kids. I decided to make my hobby of making these activities for my kids into a small business last winter. We launched in May of 2021 and have done a bunch of local craft shows and had some stuff in a local small business shop! I strongly believe in the power of learning through play and all the good things sensory play does for a child’s development. My activities are put together with specific skills in mind to help creators develop and grow through play! I am a one woman shop who develops the ideas and puts the different items and kits together!

What do you love about the Twin Cities area? Why is it the perfect place for your business?

I love the Twin Cities because it is the perfect mix of city and suburban life. It is family friendly with lots of different experiences available for people of all ages and backgrounds. This is the perfect place for Little Creators Co. because it such a family friendly area! Plus, my activities are GREAT for the cold winters!

What is the best way for our TCMC community to support your business?

It would be so amazing to share my socials (see below) with those you know if it’s something you like. Also the most heartwarming, best feeling is when people share their kiddos enjoying our products! You can also visit my shop on my website (I offer local pick up and shipping!), or come see me at craft shows!

Now let’s talk about your role as a mother and friend. How do you prioritize friendships and connections with women?

My girlfriends and I have a weekly girls night where we gather and catch up. It is so nice to have a dedicated time and day to get out of the house and gather with friends. I also love doing play dates with other moms and I also do a monthly Kids Create Day in the nice months for moms and kids to gather and do a creative activity together!

Being a mom is no easy task in and of itself. How do you relax and take care of you?

Spending time in the garage putting together my kits is such a fun way for me to have some alone time. I also love doing other crafts such as iPad lettering, calligraphy, & other crafty things.

What’s been your greatest joy in motherhood?

My greatest joy in motherhood has been watching my three kids grow into the little people they’re becoming. Witnessing their empathy and kindness towards others, love for their family, and senses of humor and unique interest is just the best!

How do you hope your lives influence and/or inspire other women?

I hope my life influences or inspire other women by encouraging them to stand up for women’s rights and all people. I hope I encourage or show open mindedness and empathy. I hope my kids, especially my daughters, grow up to know they can do anything and to stand up for others.

Ellen’s Local Loves:

Date Night Restaurant: My husband and I love going to El Sombrero in Roseville or On’s for Thai in St. Paul! We love brunch at Key’s Cafe or Original Pancake House.
Local Boutique: I Like You, Golden Rule, or Patina.
Local Coffee Shop: The Coffeeshop NE (get the Hot Jody) or Nina’s!
Locally based business: Pottery by @weshopamano, delicious food by @noshandgather, pretty jewels by Britta Kauppila, lovely murals and art work by Ashley Mary!
Locally based non-profit organizations : Nourish 282 and Still Kickin

To learn more about Little Creators Co you can follow them on Instagram, Facebook or TicTok.

We love having the opportunity to share the women behind Twin Cities businesses and organizations! If you would like to recommend another local business you think should be featured in our Local Love series, please email us at info@twincitiesmom.com.

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