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How to Help Ukraine

How to Help Ukraine

Something happens when we become moms. When our children enter our lives, an unexplainable urge to protect and defend takes over our being. Call it maternal instinct or mama bear mode, but it is unmistakable whatever it is.

As moms, we are the fixers, the boo-boo kissers, the problem solvers. I know many of you share in my overwhelming frustration and guilt when we can’t play out these roles.

I simply cannot pretend that I know what the mothers of Ukraine are feeling at this moment. The fear and helplessness that come with the inability to protect your child are unimaginable.

Reading and watching the overseas events, I found myself going into fixer mode. And when my daughter asked, “How can this happen? What can we do to help?” I felt her vulnerability and frustration.

In our family, when a situation feels so big and scary, we tell our children to “find the helpers.”  So, that is what we did. We sat down together to find ways to help. We found the helpers.

Ways to Help Ukraine:

Save the Children

Voices of Children


Doctors Without Borders

International Committee of the Red Cross

The UN Refugee Agency

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