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Local Love: Doing Good Together

Today we are sharing our LOCAL LOVE for Doing Good Together and it’s Executive Director, MiaLisa Millares!

Doing Good Together - local loveTell us all about you! What you do and where your passions lie?

I am the Executive Director of Doing Good Together™, an organization dedicated to empowering families to raise kids that care and contribute. As a working mom of three spirited children (ages 9, 6, and 2), this kind of work appeals to me. Growing up, I had formational experiences doing volunteer work with my family through my church, the community, and in nursing homes. Those practices were written on my heart and became ingrained in the person I am today. Giving back simply makes you feel good. Even brain science supports that giving back is healthy. I am so grateful to be able to work in a position that aligns with my passions.

Tell us all about Doing Good Together!

Established in 2004, Doing Good Together™ (DGT) provides a unique Big-Hearted Families™ program with online service projects, kindness activities, book recommendations, and conversation starters. All activities are designed to help families make little lessons in giving back a natural part of their family routines. We also offer monthly lists of family-friendly volunteer opportunities in a growing number of metropolitan areas, making it easier than ever to find a service project that fits every family’s goals. For those who wish to deepen their efforts to raise kind kids, DGT offers a family membership program with weekly reminders, exclusive extras, and ongoing motivation to do good. Finally, our Family Service Fairs program involves consulting or in-person help in creating family-focused events that provide opportunities for intergenerational engagement and meaningful, reflective and purposeful family fun that makes a difference in the community.

What do you love about the Twin Cities area? Why is it the perfect place for your business?

I LOVE the theater community—there are so many different opportunities to enjoy theater and to take my kids to great shows! I also love the state parks and the Three Rivers Park Districts. My family and I love spending time outside and enjoy all of the camping, biking, hiking, geocaching, and lakes that provide for endless summer fun.
The Twin Cities is the perfect place for Doing Good Together™ because there are hundreds of nonprofits that Doing Good Together can partner with or promote and work with on Family Service Fairs. The community support our organization has felt has been remarkable.

What is the best way for our TCMC community to support your business?

Doing Good Together™ has fantastic resources and tools for families. There are three ways to support our organization. First, sign up to receive our Twin Cities volunteer listings in your email inbox. These listings are curated lists of family-friendly volunteer opportunities, and they are FREE! Second, check our “Parenting with purpose” icon/badge/section to access kindness activities, great book lists with conversation starters, and more. Be sure to also sign up for our blog for parenting tips! Third, if you like everything you see online and want access to all of our content, support us by becoming a MEMBER! Your paid membership offers access to exclusive content for your family. Finally, we have a Shop Kind store—check out all of our amazing items and support businesses that prioritize kindness!

Now let’s talk about your role as a mother and friend. How do you prioritize friendships and connections with women?

So many of my friends live in other states, and we used to connect over the phone, but now have found that Marco Polo is even better! We can have conversations that work in our own time and still be able to connect amidst our busy schedules. I also love going for walks or out to a movie with my Twin Cities friends!

Being a mom is no easy task in and of itself. How do you relax and take care of you?

I get up before my family and take some time for myself. I read, journal, walk on the treadmill, and practice yoga and meditation. When I take the time to recharge, I am able to be a better version of myself each day. I also try to get outside every day—whether it is for a simple walk, to sit on the deck, or just to be in nature!

What’s been your greatest joy in motherhood?

I love watching my children grow in kindness. When they offer an unexpected helping hand to someone in need, are kind to each other, console someone or show empathy for another’s situation—I am reminded what blessing they are to me and how grateful I am for each of them.

How do you hope your lives influence and/or inspire other women?

I am so grateful to be a part of a nonprofit that values and promotes love and kindness. Love and kindness create a ripple effect that benefits everyone involved and inspires people to do good. I hope to inspire others to weave kindness into their daily lives with intentionality.

MiaLisa’s Local Loves:

Date Night Restaurant: Cov Wayzata
Local Boutique: Urban Eve
Local Coffee Shop: Wuollet Bakery, Wayzata
Locally based business: Art 2 Heart, Rusted Nail
Locally based non-profit organizations : Doing Good Together 

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