Several months ago, we embarked on quite the journey when we added a six-week old puppy to our family and overnight became a party of five. I have never considered myself a dog person, but my kids’ relentless begging...
My husband and I have been blessed with one 3-year old son. And yet, in many ways, he is not quite our first-born. Not entirely. Because in some ways, that spot is reserved for – brace yourselves – our...

21+ hours later…

It glared at me - 21 hours, 20 minutes of total drive time. Increase that by at least 30% when you add in a three year old, a 10 month old and a dog. ARE WE ... CRAZY?! Short answer, yes. But...

Ode to the Family Dog

Tail wagging when you walk through the door, always there to brighten your day and welcome you home.  A few licks and jumps and circles emphasize their excitement to see you.  No matter how bad your day is, their...



Mom Life

Four Simple Steps to Become a “Pseudo” Coffee Snob

It's International Coffee Day! Who is celebrating with a hot cup of joe? I know I am! I personally have always been a coffee lover....

Doing Hard Things

Sit by the Campfire

If You Give a Kid a Camera