Megan Torgerson

Megan carries her small-town roots with her wherever she goes. These days, it means teaching her kiddos Peanut and Wiggles to be kind, help others, use their words, and wash their hands. Megan’s love of words and faithful service brought her to her profession as a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church In America, writes and speaks nation-wide, and volunteers with the Miss Minnesota Organization as a former Miss Minnesota. Married to her beloved Husband since 2006, she’s gone through a year living abroad, infertility, moving to the suburbs, and resigning herself to her own inability to cook by his side. It’s a good life.

Our Share Of Scars

My phone stayed in the car when I went in to pick up one of my two kids from daycare.  In the meantime, a message popped up.   I checked it upon returning to my...
Check On Her | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Check On Her

We all saw it, but none of us were sure what to do about it.  We could see the signs: pulling away, increasingly erratic behavior, paranoia.  But we didn't know how much was too...

Talk About It

One woman came to me after the meeting ended.  "Can I talk to you about something privately?" she asked, checking to make sure no one overheard.  She told me about her son and daughter-in-law,...

The Truth About Teeth

Tell me the truth: did you ever think about how and when your kid would lose her teeth?  Did you ever have any sense of what it might be like and how you might...

Everything I Need To Know About Supporting Women I Learned From Pageants

I sat down at my appointed table backstage. After a full day of work, it was time to get ready for the stage.   Surrounded by high heels, cans of hairspray, and program books,...
Fireworks: How About No? | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Fireworks: How About No?

Growing up in very rural Minnesota, the Fourth of July felt like magic. Because we lived much further north, the sunset almost obscenely late. We got to stay up until dark, well past our...

Huggy, Mommy

A lot of my mom friends talk about being "touched out".  It comes especially during those earliest years when your baby cannot physically separate from you.  All the nursing, all the cuddling, all the...

A Friendly Easter FAQ

You walk into Target and see pastel butterflies and vibrant florals.  The drug store tempts you with piles of chocolate eggs and jelly beans.  You can't even go to the grocery store without your...

A Nook Of One’s Own

It started with a home improvement project, which is weird because I'm very much not into that. Our home office was a dingy old desk I'd had since I was a student.  It sat in...

Socks Stink

I saw indicators early in my little girl's life.  During her second winter, the first one where she could walk through the snow, she had to stop frequently to dust the tiniest of snowflakes...

The Average Mom’s Guide To Dot Journaling, Part 2

The last time we talked, I explained to you that I explored dot journaling last fall as a way to keep the many moving pieces of my life together.  I suggested some items to...

The Average Mom’s Guide To Dot Journaling, Part 1

I'm not much for New Years Resolutions.  I've only made, much less kept, one resolution in my entire life.  I resolved to become a mom, but I didn't know I was already pregnant, so...

When You’re Rocking Your Baby

If you are one of those mamas feeling fully touched-out, whose arm permanently and painfully locks into a 90 degree angle at the elbow, whose hips ache from the constant bounce-sway-shift in just that...

Love Them Where They’re At

By the time the frost starts to descend, I should no longer have to worry about shaving.  In fact, I probably need that extra insulation to get through the impending winter.  It's not like...