Amber Soler

Amber is a soap-making, book-loving, mac-n-cheese-avoidant single mom to Mason, The Greatest 7 Year Old Ever (in her professional and biased opinion). Amber tells Mason they are a “dynamic duo” and he believes they can do just about anything if they’re in it together. Currently he is setting his hopes high on a viral video on America's Funniest Videos (AFV) and winning the grand prize together. The newest season of life has brought on becoming a football mom and she is loving it with every fiber of her being. Amber works full time in the administrative office for a local library system and loves going to work every day. Amber also manages the rigorous schedule of doctor appointments and procedures that come with having a rare genetic condition. Her mantra is “Live in the moment” and she intends to do so with a good cup of coffee (or wine) in hand.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

The only time I would see masks in Target was when they put the Halloween décor out too early, but life has a way of surprising you! Fast forward to a pandemic! Covid-19 has...

Standing Up Against Racism: It Starts At Home

Recently the stress of current events has been catching up with me. First, it was a worldwide pandemic that brought on so much stress. That led way into full-time homeschool, or “Distance Learning,” all...

Kids & Politics: What To Tell Them

Short answer: the truth. Long answer: the truth. (Really, that is a long answer!) The reality is that we are parenting in a time when politics are more polarizing than ever. We all saw it play out...

On Cancer: Clichés, Metaphors and Everything In Between

My mother taught me a lot in life, but above all, I learned to “live in the moment.” She adopted this cliché saying when she was going through treatment for breast cancer… again. I...

I Love Dogs, but I’m Glad I Don’t Own One

Let me start by saying that I love dogs. I love pets and animals really, in general. I used to have dogs and I loved them. For Pete’s sake, our Cavalier King Charles used...

Sunburn Hurts and Skin Cancer Stinks

I was 26 when I first found out that I had melanoma. My dermatologist called me with biopsy results and I instantly knew it wasn't good news. A few days earlier, the dermatologist had...

Doctor Visits Made Easy With TytoHome

Anytime my kiddo gets sick, I immediately tense up while envisioning the trek through the germ-laden doctor’s office. I imagine it a bit like a pixelated, 90s-era dramatic video game. I see myself ducking,...
Summer Reading at the Libraries | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Summer Reading at the Libraries

The month of April felt like it lasted 5 years and never really showed up considering all that winter weather we saw. (Blizzards in April have got to stop.) May was never-ending and far...

Superwoman Strong on Mother’s Day

I’m a single mom. I’ve made that statement countless times in the past 7 years and the reactions are all over the board. I’ve gotten used to the spectrum of reactions from sympathetic nods to...