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11 Free Twin Cities Area Dog Parks

dog parks

For families with dogs, finding a space for your furry friend to burn off energy is essential. Making sure dogs get regular exercise is so important for their health, but also for keeping the chaos level at home to a (slightly?) more manageable level. Dogs + Kids are expensive as it is, so all of the Twin Cities area dog parks on this list are FREE!

Know Before You GO

To make sure your trip to the dog park is safe and fun for all, just a few reminders:

  1. Always keep dogs on the leash when entering and leaving the dog park for parking lot safety.
  2. Keep them healthy and safe! Dogs should be licensed and vaccinated. Female dogs cannot be in heat. No dogs under 4 months of age.
  3. Poo Patrol: Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs, and disposing of bags in provided trash containers. Bring your own waste bags, as not all parks supply them.
  4. No biting! Owners must be attentive to their dogs, monitoring behavior and immediately remove their dog if showing signs of aggression.
  5. Bringing kids? Watch them closely, and be sure to educate them before arriving about safe behavior around unfamiliar dogs: do not pet without owner’s permission; be careful of running, yelling, etc. as these may be triggers for some dogs.
  6. Do not bring food or snacks into the dog park


Minneapolis: Airport Dog Park

6096 South 28th Avenue | Minneapolis

This park is not run or managed by the Minneapolis Park Board, but is an unofficial favorite of many Minneapolis-area residents. Since it is not managed by the park system, there are no amenities– no running water, trash cans, or waste bags. Owners need to bring everything they need and take it when they leave. This park’s proximity to the airport means you can watch planes landing and taking off–a FANTASTIC diversion for kids!–while your pooch burns energy.

St. Paul

St. Paul: Arlington Arkwright Park

While on the smaller side at just under 5 acres, there is still plenty of space for Fido to run! Containing both an open area and wooded area with trails, this park is perfect year-round. Note: no running water or waste bags provided. Owners need to bring water and dog waste bags.

Northwest Metro

Plymouth: Plymouth Dog Park

17005 Chankahda Trail | Plymouth

With a separate fenced area for smaller dogs, this park offers drinking fountains, port-a-potties, shelter, and plenty of space for your canine friend to run and play. Plymouth Dog Park is open year-round, to get out the midwinter zoomies!

Northeast Metro

Maplewood: Battle Creek Regional Park

This off-leash 35-acre, fully-fenced park is a dog’s dream. With play areas, walking trails, wooded and prairie areas, plus a creek, there is something for every dog to love!


Roseville: Woodview Open Space

Featuring two fully-fenced areas, this off-leash park features a dedicated small dog area, wooded terrain, and a handicapped-accessible area.


White Bear Township: Bald Eagle- Otter Lakes Regional Park

With 10 acres of fully-fenced off-leash area for dogs to run, your doggo will certainly come home tired and happy! Run on the paths, find sticks in the wooded area, and for dogs who love water, there is access near the boat launch. Designated small dog hours: Tuesdays 6-7pm & Saturdays 10-11am.

Southwest Metro

Bloomington: Off-Leash Recreation Area

6202 West 111th Street | Bloomington

This expansive park in Bloomington is 25 acres of fenced area, grassy hills, wooded areas, and a pond for dogs to cool off with a swim.


Eden Prairie: Flying Cloud Drive Dog Park

7171 Flying Cloud Drive | Eden Prairie

Flying Cloud Drive Dog Park is open year-round, and features separate fenced areas for large dogs and one for small or more fragile dogs


urnsville: Alimagnet Dog Park

1200 Alimagnet Park Drive | Burnsville

Alimagnet Dog Park is a fully-enclosed 7 acre park for off-leash running. This community park is well-maintained, and features shelters, walking paths, waste bags, and pond.

Southeast Metro

Woodbury: Andy’s Bark Park

11664 Dale Road | Woodbury

Named for Woodbury’s first K9 officer ‘Andy,’ this massive, partially fenced park spans approximately 70 acres. With mowed trails, shelters, benches, pet watering stations, pet waste bags and trash cans, and a port-a-potties, this park is one that you and your pup can happily explore again and again!


Cottage Grove: WAG Farms Dog Park

9475 Glendenning Road | Cottage Grove

Fully fenced and an expansive 14 acres, the WAG Farms Dog Park is a dog’s dream, with woodlands, grassy open areas, and a pond. With plenty of picnic tables and benches for owners, this park is a great place to spend time while your dog gets great exercise.

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