December Kindness Countdown

December Kindness Countdown | Twin Cities Moms Blog

We’re in the first week of December. No one can argue that the Christmas season is upon us. Do you and your kids have a countdown going? I feel like we have tried a variety of ways to countdown the Christmas season. A toy or chocolate filled calendar can be fun, even nostalgic, but my personal favorite is a kindness countdown. If you already have an advent calendar, a kindness calendar can be easy to personalize each year. I am a big fan of keeping things simple. We print off a blank calendar and fill it out and put it on our refrigerator- done! 

I’ll admit, I have done this in years past, only to be overwhelmed in trying to accomplish what I wrote down each day. Give yourself grace and choose simple random acts of kindness that don’t need a lot of effort each day, sprinkled in with some more time-consuming acts on the weekends or days you know you will have the time. This year I also incorporated some fun things to do together as a family to enjoy the season.

Do you have traditions that you always do in December? Incorporate them into the calendar! Are your kids always coloring? Save all those art projects that you don’t know what to do with and send them to a local senior home. This isn’t meant to add more to your plate in December, but to be a good way to be mindful about our actions and teaching our children the importance of giving [and not just receiving]. By adding some fun family activities to our calendar, it also focuses on spending time together with those we love most. 

Check out our list below for some ideas of what to add to your calendar and make sure you do these along with your kids!  

[1] Wish someone happy holidays

[2] Do someone else’s daily chore in the family 

[3] Smile at someone to brighten his or her day

[4] Pick out 3 books to donate to your local library

[5] Eat dinner as a family

[6] Watch a Christmas movie as a family {put all other distractions away!}

[7] Make thank you notes for the mail carriers {or treats!} 

[8] Give Daddy extra hugs today

[9] Hot cocoa for breakfast

[10] Decorate holiday cards for sick kids 

[11] Donate to Toys for Tots

[12] Share out loud one way that you helped someone today

[13] Facetime or call a far-away relative

[14] Color pictures for senior citizens and troops overseas through Color-A-Smile

[15] Snuggle and read together

[16] Share out loud 3 things you are thankful for

[17] Make Christmas cards for teachers

[18] Fill a donation box as a family

[19] Help mom with dinner

[20] Write someone a note of love or draw him or her a picture

[21] Enjoy a family walk or hike together

[22] Deliver Christmas cards to neighbors

[23] Pay for someone else’s coffee

[24] Don’t forget the carrots for the reindeer! 

[25] Share why you love someone in your family

Ann Knuttila
Ann is the Director of Sales for Twin Cities Moms Blog. She found her passion in advertising when she combined it with one of her greatest loves, motherhood. Ann is passionate about connecting businesses with moms in creative and engaging ways, and has been doing so for the past 5+ years. Ann is a St. Paul girl at heart, born & raised. Together with her husband Brian they raise their energetic boys, Ethan, Declan, and dog Tucker. Ann is a sometimes runner and yogi, semi-crunchy mama bear, and simplifier of all things.



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