Rachel Anderson

Rachel is one of those rare people who has never had a cup of coffee. She’s decided to start drinking coffee once she grows up. In the meantime, she gets her energy from the loves of her life: her husband of 11 years, 7 year-old son, and 3 year-old daughter. She also loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, the Thanksgiving holiday and the beauty of Minnesota. Rachel is a writer at heart and has built a career in corporate communications. The job closest to her heart is being a mom to her gregarious son and spirited daughter. As a Christian, Rachel aims to give and receive grace every day.
3 steps to chapter books Little boy and mother enjoying book together.

A 3 Step Introduction to Chapter Books

Looking back at my childhood, I fondly remember the books that captivated me. I loved childhood classics like The Phantom Tollbooth, Are you there God? It's me, Margaret and Hatchet. And I spent hours...
fall comfort foods - pumpkin soup

Fall Comfort Foods: 8 Recipes to Try

Can you smell it? Fall is in the air. The mornings are getting crisper and have that earthy, fresh scent that defines autumn days. The new season's arrival triggers a desire to fill my...

Tackling the Preschool Conundrum

I don't like making decisions. I'm one of those people who hem and haws over big decisions, driving others slightly crazy with my incessant debate. Simply put: I'm scared of making the wrong decision....
group of children playing games for kids and family

Top 14 Games for Kids and Family

"It's a pizza party!" My son exclaimed in a bad Italian accent as our family gathered around the table. But he wasn't talking about food. Instead, he was hamming it up as we played...
Three girls sitting on login the yard

Growing up in a Neighborhood Family

We have all heard the phrase, "It takes a village." Those of us fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood filled with young children and families know the value of the relationships that form...

These Three Books Could Be Your Emotional Guides

We all need a guide, but often that comes in the form of a book. These three could be your emotional guides and these reviews may help you decide which to buy first. Living with...

3 Ways to Hold on to the Memories

When my kids were born, I remember trying to soak in everything about them. I wanted to imprint in my mind the details of those early days. At first it was easy, and I...

Nailed it! Cake Decorating Made Easy

I've always loved baking. Sometimes I joke that one of the reasons I became a mom was to have an excuse to bake more often. Of all the treats I bake throughout the year,...

Looking Forward to Maybe Later

At two and a half, my daughter is in prime toddler territory. She's constantly discovering the world around her and asserting her independence along the way. From her perspective, Pete the Cat is the...

Parenting Lessons from a Mother Duck

I don't know what it is about them, but I love ducks. There’s something about the way they quack and waddle about that I find completely adorable. Recently, an online video of a mother...

Zoom, baby: How to host a memorable holiday celebration online

I'll be home for Christmas... Hearing this song lyric in 2020, these words evoke completely different emotions than in prior years. Home is where we have been for the past nine months, and it's...

10 Years In: Go to Bed Angry & Other Marriage Lessons

After my husband and I got married, one of the first things I did was change his name to "husband" in my phone. I was so excited to be married to him, and every...

If You Give a Kid a Camera

A few months ago I stumbled across my old digital camera as I was searching through my desk drawers. For so many years, this camera had been by my side as I documented the...

Surviving The Pandemic: What Tying Our Shoes Taught Us

I watched as my son's fingers contorted around his shoe laces. Carefully, he tried to manipulate each string into a tight bow, but the laces just dropped limply onto his shoes. His face fell,...