Rachel Nevergall

Rachel Nevergall
Rachel, the creative free-spirited one, met her husband, the organized practical one, discovered he was WAY better at cleaning the kitchen and realized he was one she should hang on to. Together they have three children born in three different states but since landing in their south Minneapolis neighborhood two years ago decided with the access to good ski trails, running paths and beach side picnics, this might just be their forever home. Rachel is the curator of family adventures, builder of epic train tracks, lover of all of the library books, and writer in the in-between. She shares about the confluence of her child development background and the realities of parenting on her blog Raise and Shine Blog.

Tell the Scary Stories Too

"Mommy, tell me a story." It’s the latest bedtime stall tactic in our house. My body wants to say no, wants to claw my way out of this room, away from their needs, and clock...

On Fall Leaves, Baby Hairs, and Relief

{Photo credit: Valeriia Miller of Pexels.com} I cried the first time I saw a fall leaf.  It was the beginning of September, only two months into calling Minnesota home. Our family had spent four years adventuring...

The Essential “Supply List” for the Mom Going “Back to School”

She packs up the piles of school supplies dividing them into each backpack. The wide ruled paper empty and waiting for ideas. The crayons smelling like childhood. The pencils sharpened and ready to serve,...

The Many Stories We Tell

I am a story teller. I weave words with images, tuck them into neat little squares on a grid. These are the stories I share with the world. You have these too. I see them...
What NOT to Pay Attention to This Summer | Twin Cities Moms Blog

What NOT to Pay Attention to This Summer

I tiptoe down the stairs in the early morning like I usually do to gather a few extra moments alone. With the windows left open overnight the air is crisp but there is still...

Gardening Lessons Teach Us More Than Gardening

She is wrist deep in the dirt, pushing it aside to make room for her plants. I watch her tickle the ends of the roots, just like I taught her, and like my mother...
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