Rachel Nevergall

Rachel and her college sweetheart met in Indiana, spent early married life in Chicago, and now parent three children born in three different states, but since landing in their south Minneapolis neighborhood in 2017, decided with the access to good ski trails, running paths and beach side picnics, this might just be their forever home. Rachel is the curator of family adventures, builder of epic train tracks, lover of all of the library books, mixer of fancy cocktails, and writer in the in-between. You can read more from Rachel over on her blog blog or Instagram Squares.
10 Reasons to Eat More Soup. High angle of various bowls of soup

10 Reasons to Eat More Soup in January + Best Soups to Try!

The temps have dropped below zero here in Minnesota. And just in case you needed any more excuses here are 10 reasons to eat more soup in January.  Currently, as I prepare this, my family...
Experience gifts.A Shocked happy african american little girl enjoying Christmas gift near Xmas tree

Experience Gifts – It’s All in the Delivery

Parents can sometimes shy away from giving experience gifts because they lack the wow factor of the hottest new toy. However, with a little effort, experience gifts can get the same reaction as that...
Two toddlers helping their mom in the garden

On Preserving Gardens and Memories

In the quiet hours of a mid-October morning, I notice my children momentarily distracted by play. I slide my bare feet into the red galoshes sitting by the door and sneak outside before anyone...
Let them be little - Little boy in a yellow raincoat hanging on a tree branch

Let Them Be Little

He was three, Elliott, my middle child, standing at the base of a trunk as wide as a hula hoop, feet on the ground, eyes gazing up, equal parts envy and wonder, at the...
Travel with kids - rear view of mother, father and two children at the top of a hill overlooking a lake

This is Why We Travel with Kids

Dark cloudy skies threaten to rain out our anticipated plans. My husband, three children, and I cram into our Subaru to climb into the mountains of the Mesa Verde National Park in southwest Colorado....

How to Survive a Family Camping Trip, and Do it Again

Nothing says summer like a night spent under the stars. A family camping trip is always a good idea... an even better one if you are fully prepared. Take time to learn and implement...

Seven Tips to Become a One Car Family

How many cars does your family have? Two is typical, but what if being a one-car family makes more sense? She sat there alone for months. No one with which to run errands. No one...
Mother sitting on porch with young daughter - Top 10 Most Read posts

Eight Gentle Parenting Lessons from Coach Ted Lasso

I’ve never liked the way we label ourselves as parents. It’s difficult enough for me to pick a team when I make my March Madness brackets. As a new parent, the idea of choosing...

What Happens to the Memories When They Run Out?

I remember that day clearly, like I remember all the other important milestones. Dinner dishes still sat on the table with spaghetti sauce scraped across the plates. Now that it was early November, the...

My Favorite Toddler Television Show: And What It Taught Me About My Mom Friends

“Another show?” My two year old, Leo, looks up at me through his floppy post nap bed head. His chubby fist reaches for another handful of goldfish crackers and raisins from the blue plastic...

Cocktail Recipes: Let’s Party Like It’s 2005

“Who wants wine?” I yell down the hallway of the two flat apartment I share with my roommates. Three voices in unison shout back “me!” Balancing four wine glasses in one hand and a bottle...

Bring Magic to the Ordinary Days Too

It’s New Years Day and I’m sensing the return of that old familiar feeling: melancholy.  Is it the song? Auld Lang Syne? I know it’s a song about friendships. And I know we always pair...

When It’s Dark at Christmas

There are scenes from various Christmas movies that bring me to tears every year no matter how many times I watch them. There is the part in White Christmas when they open the doors...

Stop Putting Yourself into the Margins

It’s early on a Tuesday morning. My children are awake which means it’s time for me to clock in. But today, I’m trying something new. I set my children up at the table with a...