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The Perfect Double Date Night at Malcolm Yards Trivia

Sometimes scheduling time to hang out with friends involves a lot of headache and picking a date months ahead. And sometimes all of the stars align and you happen to both have a babysitter lined up on the same night with nothing on the calendar. It’s those nights that you need to test your luck with Trivia!

A recent January night we found ourselves in this serendipitous place where our friends were kid free on the same Sunday night we were. So we piled into the minivan together, blasted the 90s music, and headed to Malcolm Yards for their weekly Trivia Night.

Trivia Night aside, Malcolm Yards is truly the best place to go with a group of people. First, it’s big and open and can accommodate large groups or small intimate gatherings. The patio is also amazing place to cozy up fireside. But now that you’ve found your table, you need something to sip and snack on. Don’t worry. Malcolm Yards has you covered.

To start, there’s the Wall of Beverages. With the self-pour tap wall there is something for everyone in our group–wine, beer, cider, even NA options. I love a tap wall because I can never decide on one drink so with the option to try just a little I don’t have to choose! It’s like a DIY flight!

Now that we have our drinks, it’s time to order food. With a food hall of more than 9 different culinary experiences, there is a flavor for everyone. Plus, like the tap wall, with all of those choices you don’t have to pick between Asian and Italian, burgers or tacos, you can HAVE IT ALL! No arguing necessary!

It’s good that you don’t have to argue over food and drink because you’re going to want to save that competitive drive for Trivia time. Trivia nights are run in the back room with the large screen TV. Everything is done with a phone so you can all participate, even if you have to step away to refill your drinking glass (again, always me.)

I must admit I have always been intimidated by Trivia nights. As a grandma millennial, I was certain I wouldn’t know anything that came my way. What I discovered was that Trivia is actually the perfect double-date activity. Everyone comes to the table with their unique knowledge sets. We all felt like we contributed to something. And in between questions, we got the chance to catch up on life.

And please excuse the flex but WE CAME HOME WITH SECOND PLACE! I’ll be bragging about that for a while.

Malcolm Yards was the perfect spot to hang out with friends. The trivia night just took it up a notch. We had so much fun I’m now wanting to explore other Trivia Nights in the area. This just might be my new sport.

Looking to explore Malcolm Yards? Check it out anytime or make it a night of fun with Trivia every Sunday from 6:30-8:30 PM!

Malcolm Yards | 501 30th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Wanting to try Trivia Nights in other spaces? Be sure to check out a location near you with Trivia Mafia any night of the week!

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