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Dear Santa, I’ve Been Good

Dear Santa,

There’s no need to send Buddy the Elf or that weird little one from Barnes and Noble that creates havoc in my house each and every morning. I’ll lay it all out for you, right here – right now. Santa, I’ve been good. Sure, with a slip here and there, but for the most part I’ve been good this year.

First of all, remember that time I had to make a quick run into the mall on a Saturday with the kids, yet didn’t park in the “Infant and Expecting” spot? I saved that spot for the waddling pregnant lady I previously was or the mom with twins, maybe even triplets, who also had to make a quick run. I paid all my bills early last month. I saved about 72% of my son’s first year drawings and art projects from school… Do you know how much tape I’ve gone through since September? I have papers covering 3 walls, 2 bedroom doors, a fridge, a bulletin board and a vanity mirror.

Also, after Halloween, my son and I sent candy to troops overseas. Well, I did secretly keep a ziplock bag of my favorite Laffy Taffy, which happens to be my family’s favorite too… so shoot, I take that back – it’s the thought that counts though, right? This month I went back to work and sent the baby to daycare without crying. Score! Oh, and I hugged and kissed my babies more than ever this year. I’ve been truly thankful for every healthy minute of this life as their mom.

With the good comes the not exactly so good. So, I might have faked sleeping at the 3am wake-up call from our youngest. IknowIknow, Dear Santa, I've Been Good | Twin Cities Moms Blogbut it was “Back to the Future Day” and I didn’t want to fall asleep on the couch during Michael J. Fox on Michael & Kelly that morning. I really needed that extra hour of sleep. I probably judged the mom at Target with the screaming toddler (Lord knows MY kids would never do that?). My oldest definitely has missed the bus twice so far this year, admittedly both my fault. Speaking of my fault, I’m guilty of currently having the kitchen table full of papers, cards, bills and all the laundry baskets are exploding with either dirty or unfolded clean laundry. I’ve ambushed my husband at the door more than just a few times this week and probably said a little fib when he asked if I had even brushed my hair that day… Suuuuure, I did.

But this Christmas I have a few Christmas wishes. I’d like a pedicure, my feet have seen better days. Literally, after the birth of my youngest and since the epidural wore off I’ve been running – not in the gym, just constantly running – most days still asleep. I’d also like a new Netflix series recommendation since I’ve exhausted the Top Maternity Leave shows list and not sure what to do while waiting for Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder to come back on in February. A full 8 hours of sleep would be spectacular, as well as a real pair of denim jeans that show more curves, less muffin. These exist right? You may want to check with one of the Kardashian sisters on that one.

On a more practical side, have you seen those wine glasses that fit a whole bottle of wine in them? People joke about wanting one of these but are they serious or really joking because I’m not joking around here. I could use some really good coffee, this might fix a few of the glares I hand out in the morning. And lastly, an end to those one-minute recipe videos on Facebook would be nice. If I’m not mistaken, but those are like Pinterest but worse… tell me it’s not really that easy!

If these seem a little last minute or over the top, I’ll take a hot shower, correctly loaded dishwasher and shoes out of the doorway. And Santa, if you don’t mind, add to the top of the list continued peace, health, love and happiness to those near and dear to me this holiday season!

Yours Truly,
A true Belieber believer since day 1

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