Jami Willander

Hi! I'm Jami Willander, just your average super Mom (but aren't we all?) I'm a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and work full time in finance at the University of Minnesota Physicians. I have a husband of almost 14 years and two daughters, ages 9 and 11. I'm a native Texan who took the scenic route with a military parent and ended up in Minnesota about half my life ago. I’ve long settled into being Minnesotan as I love tater tot hotdish and rarely say Ya’ll anymore! My family likes to camp at MN state parks and make the most of our state’s beautiful summers and lakes. I like music, travelling, kickboxing, dark chocolate, sunsets, and watermelon in no particular order. I try to keep up the balance of work, life, occasional adventures, and sanity while mostly surviving and sometimes thriving. In my free time you can find me at my kids’ sports and school activities, watching Netflix, trying a new recipe, or reading historical fiction.

Patience and Perspective

I will be the first to admit that this period of social distancing affords many new kinds of hard.  I am fortunate to not understand personally the higher levels of hard – putting myself...

Sisters Who Sparkle and Shine

One of my daughters is very much like me, both the good and my (perceived) not so good characteristics.  She’s apprehensive about change, a worrier, a little too serious sometimes, and nervous about trying...

The Leap Day Baby

As I approached a week past my due date with my first daughter, the doctor spoke of inducement.  The baby’s due date was February 22nd of 2008, and 2008 happened to be a leap...

Body Positivity For Our Daughters

Every time I meet a mom with high school aged children, and hear her talking about her kids’ SAT scores, college visits, prom, getting a car, and dating, I think there really are new...

The End of Dinnertime Drama: Mommy’s Special Plate

  Visiting my elementary aged kids at school for lunch is like being on safari watching a bunch of wild animals in their natural habitat. I could narrate my observations much like an episode on...

A Bittersweet End to the Tooth Fairy

There comes a time in each child’s life when they learn the hard facts about Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the myriad of other white lies and half-truths we as parents...

Adventures in Mammography – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I scheduled my first mammogram for two days after my 40th birthday.  I figured the sooner I got it on the calendar the less I would have to worry about it.  I wasn’t necessarily...

The Universal Unwritten School Supply List

Dear Kids, I know you love getting new school supplies each year.  It’s the highlight of late summer.  After we hit Target to pick up the folders (no brads, with pockets), the #2 pencils (package...

Head and Heart on the Parent Pillow

One of my daughters has in her room a small pillow she calls the Parent Pillow. It’s an ordinary rectangular decorative ruffled pillow with pink and purple flowers that used to match her bedding...

Favorite Minnesota State Parks for Camping Families

Let me start by explaining that I don’t really consider myself high maintenance. I’m fine going without makeup on the weekend, but I do like my air conditioner. I’m also not a big fan...

End of the School Year Crunch

Ahhh, springtime. Birds chirping! Allergies! A rogue snowstorm! Spring break! The end of the school year. It seems like only yesterday the kids were in their new clothes and fresh sneakers as they hopped...