Amy Workman

Amy discovered her love of writing while returning to college for conservation biology, after a career as an optician/technician/office manager, and patiently waiting to become a mom. Luckily, Aster (2018) decided the time was right after three years of infertility and saved her mom from wading through buggy wetlands the rest of her life (which she just does for fun now). She's been married her awesome teammate of a husband for 5 years and they've been married to their Southside Minneapolis apartment and community for 10 years. Both Minnesota transplants (her from Missouri and him from California), they're in love with their adopted state and family of friends, and showing their daughter why they chose this to be her home. You can read more from Amy on her blog, Instagram, and Facebook.

A New Independence as a Stay at Home Mom

The first year as a stay at home mom was the hardest year of my life. And I've had some tough years. The most important and helpless person to come into my life relied...

Perks of Being A Hipster Parent

Living in a neighborhood where you’re ten minutes from downtown but can still hear the neighborhood roosters crowing, I never thought of myself as a hipster. Being surrounded by an upper echelon of hipsters...

Pregnant During a Pandemic

Pregnant! I admit that in the couple of weeks between finding out that I was pregnant and the first case of COVID-19 in my state, I would actually forget that I was pregnant. Not because...

She Needs a Hat

You're at the store/restaurant/park/cousin's wedding. Your child melts down over (insert any reason here). You look up and see the faces of what feels like a hundred people judging every parenting decision you've made...

Terribly Terrific Twos

My daughter will have her second birthday this month. Every single day is something new and wonderful, and her dad and I are beyond excited for these next few years. Yes, we've heard of...
The Santa Question | Twin Cities Mom Collective

The Santa Decision

There isn't a single aspect of raising children that we get to take for granted. Even the most mundane, daily parenting decisions that have been made over and over by billions of people for...
Bonus Family-Friendsgiving | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Thanksgiving Series: Bonus Family-Friendsgiving

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we asked several of our writers to tell us about their favorite Thanksgiving traditions and stories. Whether a quiet affair at home, or a boisterous congregation of friends and extended...

Forced to Figure It Out

My husband's vacation time was up and he returned to work when our daughter was three weeks old. I could see no feasible way to do anything besides take care of her and maybe...

What Will I Do?

What will I do when I don't know everything about you? What will I do when I don't know how many freckles you have and in which order you got them? When I don't know...

Is An Apartment “Enough”?

Our language is not very descriptive sometimes. You can know someone, as in you have heard their name before and could pick them out of a crowd. Or you can KNOW someone, as in...
Hiking Minnesota Before and After Baby | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Hiking Minnesota Before and After Baby

As a Minnesota transplant, I have a lot of catching up to do if I want to cover this great state on foot. I've lived here for almost twelve years now and I'm still...
You Don't Need a Reason to Have PPD/PPA | Twin Cities Moms Blog

You Don’t Need a Reason to Have PPD/PPA

Mental illnesses are not dependent upon any outside life conditions or events. Somehow I let that lesson slip after the birth of my daughter, despite having dealt with depression and anxiety for most of...