What Will I Do?

What will I do when I don’t know everything about you?

What will I do when I don’t know how many freckles you have and in which order you got them?

When I don’t know exactly how much your hair grew overnight.

What Will I Do? | Twin Cities Moms Blog

When I don’t know how many times today you laughed so hard your eyes welled with tears.

When I don’t know what your favorite snack is this week.

When I don’t know how you got that scrape or bruise (which is already happening).

When I don’t know what you want just by the look on your face.

Someday there will even be more things I don’t know about you than I do.

I will always know some of the people you know, but not most.

I will always know what foods you like, but I will have no idea what’s in your fridge.

What Will I Do? | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Right now I may know everything that has happened to you so far, but I know nothing of what will happen to you, which is so much more. Yes, these first years are monumental, but almost your whole life is ahead of you.

That thought stops my breath, but what I already know about you gives me so much comfort. We’re not even two years in, my love, but I already know that the world around you will be an incredible one to be in. Happiness catches from you like a wildfire and that I know that will never change. That’s nothing we taught you or passed onto you, it‘s just you. Regardless of what you do you will always have our love because of who you are.

Someday I will sit back and wonder, a lot. I will wonder what you’re doing. Who you talked to that day. Whether or not you’ve laughed or cried and if you still get excited for dried apricots.

Not having those answers immediately could make me sad, but then I’ll remember that I saw your first freckle (it’s on your right side just above your waist). I heard your first laugh. I saw how proud you were when you took your first steps towards me. I know how you started to become you and I got to witness that marvel unfold.

You’re always welcome to tell me what you ate for lunch or who is currently getting on your nerves, and I will soak it all up, but please don’t worry about me. You gave me so much already. I am honored to be part of this part of your life. What will I do when I don’t know everything about you? I will love you. Always.

What Will I Do? | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Amy discovered her love of writing while returning to college for conservation biology, after a career as an optician/technician/office manager, and patiently waiting to become a mom. Luckily, Aster (2018) decided the time was right after three years of infertility and saved her mom from wading through buggy wetlands the rest of her life (which she just does for fun now). She's been married her awesome teammate of a husband for 5 years and they've been married to their Southside Minneapolis apartment and community for 10 years. Both Minnesota transplants (her from Missouri and him from California), they're in love with their adopted state and family of friends, and showing their daughter why they chose this to be her home. You can read more from Amy on her blog, Instagram, and Facebook.


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