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5 Mom Hacks for a Happier You!


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I’ve had my fair share of system trials as a first-time mom. And with each milestone and age, I’m continuing to improve said systems (or scrap them). Moms have enough on their plates to have to sweat even the smallest things. So, I wanted to share a few mom hacks that have made life easier over the last five years that I’ve had the privilege to have the mom title.

Mesh Lingerie Laundry Bags

Honestly, this mom hack is a game-changer, especially for moms with multiple kids. Hop on Amazon, order yourself a set of mesh lingerie laundry bags (like these), and hang one in each of your kids’ dirty clothes hampers for socks. Not only will this eliminate trying to sort through all the matches between multiple kids, but it ensures you’ll never lose another sock to the hungry sock-eating dryer monster.

Travel Snack Container

Remember that last road trip you took with your kids, and the second you pull on the highway, they ask for a snack? Set yourself up with success by purchasing an organizer box with dividers (this would work perfectly) and fill it up with your kids’ favorite snacks. Think crackers, blueberries, dried fruit, nuts, fruit snacks, etc. This is a great way to avoid unnecessary stops at gas stations or fast-food restaurants.

Emergency Clothing Back-up Bag

If you’ve ever found yourself out and about with your kid(s) and they have an accident, walk into a giant puddle, or are just in dire need of a change of clothes, this is a mom hack you’ll want to remember. First, grab a wet/dry bag (like this) and add a spare set of clothes and some wet wipes inside. Then, stow the bag in your diaper bag or purse and leave it there until you need to use it. I loved this hack when my daughter was potty training, and I even continue to carry a spare set with me (even at 5 years old!) because you never know when you might need it.

Daily Storage for Pumping Parts

When I returned to work after having my baby, I had no clue what to do when it came to pumping. I showed up to work on my first day back from maternity leave with my Madela pump and pump parts (flanges, bottle, tubing, etc…). I almost cried when I realized that I would need to wash said parts after every pumping session. It wasn’t until another pumping, working mom recommended I use a plastic bag (or, for an eco-friendly alternative, the wet-dry bag like I mentioned above) and store my used parts in that between sessions in the fridge. With this tip, I only had to wash bottles and pump parts at the end of the day (instead of 4 times).

Applying Face Sunscreen with a Makeup Brush

Any toddler parent can confirm that applying sunscreen should be considered an Olympic parenting sport. They don’t want to sit still because there’s just too much fun stuff around distracting them. Interested in diverting the distractions with one of your own? Insert the makeup brush and your face sunscreen lotion. While this hack not only saves your hands from the sticky sunscreen goop, the brush can help with an even application and provide a fun way to get your kids involved in the process. Make up a story as you apply it, or let your kids help during (or post) application.

Do any of these life changing hacks sound like something you could use to simplify an otherwise stressful parenting situation? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to share your own hacks and tips, too!

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