Together We Can Do Hard Things

Together We Can Do Hard Things | Twin Cities Mom CollectiveIt’s been a rough few weeks. The words pandemic, national emergency and social distancing have suddenly become buzzwords in our everyday conversations. The shelves at the stores are bare, schools are closed and workers are staying home. These are unprecedented times.

The coronavirus has flipped our daily lives upside down. This period will define us in both expected and unexpected ways. It’ll be a historical milestone of our lives – one that our grandchildren will ask about and our children will remember.

What stories will we tell about this time? Will we shake our heads at the frenzied run on toilet paper? Probably. Will we talk about the anxiety and uncertainty of fighting an invisible enemy? Without a doubt. Will we have stories to share about how our communities banded together in unprecedented ways? I certainly believe so.

It feels as if everything has changed, but one vital pillar remains: our communities. Together we will discover the strength, resilience and beauty of who we are when we join together. We will unite and support each other because this virus is no match for us.

So as a community, let us come together and commit to these 11 simple principles:

  1. Listen to the experts. Follow the rules. Wash your hands.
  2. Take what you need. Leave the rest for your neighbor.
  3. Practice gratitude. Seek out the blessings of this time.
  4. Check up on each other. Reach out with love.
  5. Respect other’s anxieties, feelings and boundaries. Offer support, not judgment.
  6. Be mindful. Create memories, document your journey, appreciate this time.
  7. Laugh. Entertain the silly. Find humor in the absurd.
  8. Hug your kids extra tight. Wave with enthusiasm to your neighbors.
  9. Take a break from screens. Embrace the quiet and slowness of this time.
  10. Know that this too shall pass. We will emerge stronger.
  11. Practice kindness. Always kindness.

Together we can do hard things. We will endure this time with strength, grace and love. Coronavirus, you have nothing on us. Watch and see what we’re made of.

Rachel Anderson
Rachel is one of those rare people who has never had a cup of coffee. She’s decided to start drinking coffee once she grows up. In the meantime, she gets her energy from the loves of her life: her husband of 10 years, 7 year-old son, and 2 year-old daughter. She also loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, the Thanksgiving holiday and the beauty of Minnesota. Rachel is a writer at heart and has built a career in corporate communications. The job closest to her heart is being a mom to her gregarious son and spirited daughter. As a Christian, Rachel aims to give and receive grace every day.


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