Making Your Time At Home Productive

Making Your Time At Home Productive | Twin Cities Mom Collective

During the current climate of this global pandemic, many of us find ourselves anxious, scared, angry or sad. And that’s okay. Here at TCMC we want to walk along beside you as we traverse these uncertain waters together. In our continued pursuit to resource you as a mom, we’ve compiled some tools for you to use at your leisure.

  1. Go through all old clothes and prep for garage sale or to donate
  2. Clean cabinets 
  3. Do your taxes
  4. Organize junk drawer, pantry, linen closet, etc
  5. Rearrange kids bedroom
  6. Wash all bedding
  7. Organize your garage
  8. Clean up dog poop
  9. Get all photos off your phone (order, upload to storage site, etc)
  10. Create a budget
  11. Make a 5 & 10 year plan
  12. Create a list of books
  13. Make a family bucket list
  14. Hang up art around the house 
  15. Do house projects you’ve been putting off
  16. Tune up your bikes
  17. Detail the interior of your car
  18. Potty train 
  19. Dust everywhere
  20. Go through your Tupperware
  21. Make a list of spring and summer clothes your kids need
  22. Clean your gutters
  23. Wash your windows
  24. Plan a future vacation


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