Unexpectedly Working from Home… with Your Kids

Unexpectedly Working from Home... with Your Kids | Twin Cities Mom Collective

During the current climate of this global pandemic, many of us find ourselves anxious, scared, angry or sad. And that’s okay. Here at TCMC we want to walk along beside you as we traverse these uncertain waters together. In our continued pursuit to resource you as a mom, we’ve compiled some tools for you to use at your leisure.

  1. Take shifts if you have a partner or helper
  2. Make a snack bin that’s reachable for the kids so they aren’t asking you for a snack
  3. Get their lunch ready in the morning so you don’t have to spend the time doing it while you’re in the middle of your work day
  4. Set up stations of activities (see our list of 50 things to do) with a timer and they switch when the timer goes off
  5. Have kids have quiet reading time or playtime in their room 
  6. Give your kids a team project to work on and let them surprise you with what it is
  7. Create competitions – make them draw you working but NO one can talk 
  8. Give them a list of things to take a picture of on your phone or iPad 
  9. Create a reward system 
  10. Get up before your kids get up to work
  11. See if you can move any calls to after bedtime 
  12. Use dictation apps to write emails if you’re in the middle of something 
  13. Create a kid free space where they stay away and you have your work space
  14. Start a movie for the kids just before your call or video meeting
  15. Give yourself a break. Know you won’t meet work deadlines and the kids can sit in front of the TV!


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