Introducing: Twin Cities Mom Collective!

Six years ago, we began working on Twin Cities Moms Blog. We’ve spent that long creating guides, publishing content by local moms, hosting events and so much more. While it started with content, it was always meant to be so much more.

Our goal from the beginning has been to serve you. Mama. Mom. Mommy. Those are titles you bear, but goodness, you are so much more than that. We have said it from Day 1: You are so much more than Johnny’s Mom, and that’s who we want to serve – the woman behind the mom.

“You were someone before you became a mom, you’ll be your very own person when they launch someday and that amazing woman that you’ve always been doesn’t just sit idly in those in-between years waiting to come back out.  You’re still in there!”

This corner of the internet has always been meant for you. We’ll create guides that you will use for your family, but we’re doing it for you. To make planning your family time easier so you can enjoy more of it.

We have neighborhood groups on Facebook. For you. To make it easier to to find other moms to connect with.

Local moms write content. For you. So you see yourself in their words and journeys.

Our events are made to be incredibly special. For you. So you can get out and have someone else serve you. So you can put your feet up and have a moment.

“Being a mom is not always easy and we would love to help you reconnect with that beautiful woman who sometimes feels pushed to the side.”

You see, while our name and look have changed, our mission has never wavered. Twin Cities Moms Blog is now Twin Cities Mom Collective. Simply a makeover that better reflects what we’ve always been.

Twin Cities Mom Collective is made up of more than 100 women that work together to create a community that you can come to to find resources, other moms to connect with and spaces to take a moment just for you.

Twin Cities Mom Collective is the new name of the #1 resource for moms in the Twin Cities and we are so glad you’re here.

Beth Zustiak
Beth is the Founder of and Director of Marketing for Twin Cities Mom Collective, the Co-Founder of Duluth Moms Blog and the Director of Business Development for City Mom Collective. She believes strongly in faith and friendships and the influence good people can have on your life. Having been through it, she has a heart for women who have experienced the loss of a baby and find solace in bringing awareness to loss and stillbirth issues. She is wife to Dan and Mommy to two gorgeous girls – Sophia {2009} and Evelyn {2011}, baby boy Wesley {2014 and four sweet babies in heaven. You can find Beth on Instagram. She loves leadership development, social media, hosting in her home and time with loved ones.


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