Introduce Your Family to New Flavors

One thing I dread the most as a working mom is coming home and having to cook dinner. Fortunately, my husband is highly gifted in this area and finds joy in making delicious meals for our family. So that the two of us are on the same page, we try to meal plan each Sunday. The two of us sit down and choose meals that not only taste great but also are easy to prepare for us two working parents.

When it comes to selecting meals, flavors are hugely important to us. My husband and I love food and aren’t afraid to try new things. We like to expose our daughter to new tastes too! We typically make a main meal for the two of us and allow our 2-year-old to try it. If she doesn’t enjoy it, we’ll add a few healthy extras to her plate that we know she’ll eat to accompany the meal. Our goal is that she at least tries something new – even if she doesn’t devour each and every bite.

With our goal to have our daughter experience new cuisines in a quick and approachable way, we were thankful to have had the opportunity to try multiple delicious blends of seasonings created by Earth Table. Earth Table’s mission is to make the discovery process around new flavors, cultures, and cuisines easier for busy parents. Earth Table provides simple recipes and techniques to help you bring those culinary desires right to your own kitchen.

Introduce Your Family to New Flavors | Twin Cities Moms Blog

My favorite spice that my husband and I enjoyed so far was the Carne Asada seasoning on grilled chicken! The seasoning contains these ingredients: Orange Juice Powder, Lime Juice Powder, Lemon Peel, Garlic, Chili Powder, Cumin, Paprika, Oregano, Pepper, Cilantro. My husband mentioned that he could taste the orange juice + lime juice powder and it was the perfect touch! He’s used to making his own seasoning for meat and our meals, so he was excited to try something different that still tasted great but saved him so much time.

It can be hard after working your 9-5 (or with your kids all day!) to be in the kitchen for hours prepping a delicious meal. But with Earth Table, you don’t have to! Simply add their seasonings to one of your favorite dishes. You’ll have a meal that tastes gourmet without all the hassle. Earth Table is an excellent option when you are looking to add fast flavor. We can’t wait to try the rest of the seasonings that came in our Viva Mexico Spice Set.

Introduce Your Family to New Flavors | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of flavor! Not only does it taste great but also 2% of profits go toward supporting hunger-related causes. Enter “tcmb10” for 10% off at checkout HERE!

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