How To Grow Windowsill Herbs

I love to grow my own herbs! They are simple, they grow fast and they have so many wonderful uses.  I am going to show you a simple and cheap way to get started. You are welcome to get creative with your pots, labels and how you decorate them. This can easily be done with your kids, solo or with a group of girlfriends.

Items needed: 

  • 2-4 cans or small pots (example: save a few soup cans or veggie cans, make sure to wash them out)
  • 1 small bag of soil (any potting soil for veggies will do)
  • 2-4 packets of seeds (look at the end of this post for ideas on what grows best)
  • Labels, twine, anything to make it cute
  • A can opener (the ones you use to poke holes)

Let’s get started!

I recommend doing this project outside or placing some plastic down. Place 2-4 containers upside down. Use your can opener to poke a hole in the bottom of each can. This will allow for the excess water to drain. Flip the cans over and pour your potting soil into each can. Fill to about 1/2 inch from the top.

Next, fill out the labels. Label each can so you know what seeds are going where. Open one packet of seeds and remove 2-3 seeds from the packet. Push seeds into the soil about 1-inch deep.  Make sure you cover the seeds are with soil. Set that packet down and place the done product to the side. Repeat until you have planted seeds from each packet into the can or pot. Don’t forget to water each one. Your herbs don’t like being over watered check every few days and make sure it’s looking good. 

Here is an example of one that I made in my moms group a few weeks back.
Look at those beauties growing!

How To Grow Windowsill Herbs | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Suggestions for herbs that are easy and grow well indoors

  • Mint: Smells great, add to your water or mojitos
  • Lavender: Sleep aid, smells amazing, can be made into ice cream and lotions
  • Basil: Smells lovely, lots of food dishes, simple syrups
  • Cilantro: The easiest to grow, food dishes 
  • Pop on to sites like Pinterest to find recipes for all these wonderful herbs you are going to grow. Also, if your plants start to get too large, just take them out of whatever you planted them in and move them into a larger pot. You can place in a sunny area inside or outside.


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