Val Newbold

Val Newbold
Hi! My name is Val or I'm also known as MinnesotaMrsMom. You can find me on Instagram. I grew up in Wisconsin (GoPackGo) but I have enjoyed living most of my life in Minnesota. I have a handsome Husband of over 12 years, a beautiful Teenage StepDaughter and two handsome young Sons. I enjoy going on new adventures and making happy memories with my family! I also love a good belly laugh, decorating my house with each new season, hot coffee and cooking/baking. I am also a Certified StepMom Coach (yes, that's a real thing). I became a Certified StepMom Coach because I wanted to become more educated on the Step Family Life. Visit StepFamilyLifeCoaching for more information.

My Husband: The Reason I Became a Stepmom

"Meet my friend,” they said. "He's a wonderful person to be around,” they said. "However...he does have a baby and was never married,” they said. Scary thoughts, right? These are the first words that I heard before...