Julianna Czech

Julianna Czech
Julianna is a widowed mom to Edward (2013) and Reginald (2016). She is redefining life and finding joy again to honor her late husband, Adam. While raising a newborn, toddler, and fighting colon cancer, they lived and loved with no regrets. Julianna tries to balance grieving, parenting, and dating. She returned to work part time for a financial advisor after being a stay at home mom for nearly four years. Julianna also helps lead a local cancer caregiver support group (Cocktails and Chemo - Minneapolis Chapter). Julianna’s favorite time of the day is drinking hot coffee and eating breakfast with her boys. Her sons are the greatest gift and keep her laughing! She finds peace in traveling with girlfriends, journaling, and reading. Find more of her writing at Adam’s Pack.

Love, A Second Time Around

Nobody imagines their marriage ending in their 30s.  When I became a young widow at the age of 33, one of my best friend’s divorce was finalized a month later. We bonded in the year...

Giving Yourself Grace

My friends were waiting for me at a little old cafe, one where the floors slant and it smells of old wood. I was almost in a fit of rage by the time I...

Colon Cancer Awareness: Not Just An Old Man’s Disease

Move over March Madness... March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Blue ribbons and cute little memes about butts will flood social media. The least sexiest of cancers, but the second deadliest. And yet it...
Keep, Donate or Sell? Organizing Made Simple | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Keep, Donate or Sell? Organizing Made Simple

My Home, My Office  When I became a stay at home mom five years ago, my home became my office. Every year with little boys meant more outgrown gear, clothes and toys to find a place...

Tough Stuff: Books for Preschoolers on Death

My sons will ask a wide variety of questions in a day. Some make me laugh, others make me cringe. My two-year-old packs as many questions in a minute as he can. The questions...

Kitchen Kisses

“I kissed you when I walked in the door,” he’d say. “What? No, you didn’t.” “Yup, I did. You don’t even notice half the time” I’d hear. I had to start paying better attention...

All the Single Mamas

I sometimes hear Beyoncé singing a different version of her hit song in my head. It goes like this: All the single mamas! (All the single mamas) All the single mamas! (All the single mamas) Now hold...

When the Holidays Are “Happy-Sad”

Many families will grieve a loss this holiday season.  A divorce, miscarriage, a loved one's decline in health or their death.  Maybe it is the loss of a job or a loved one is...

The Morning Game Changer

Like many moms, the morning routine has always been my gig. For the first three years of parenthood, I was solely a stay at home mom to one late riser. The mornings were (dare...

When You Need To Supplement Breastmilk

    August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week and we have a special extended line up for you! Our writers will share their triumphs and tears through their personal recollections of making sure their babies are fed,...

Therapy Through Traveling

I was surprised to find traveling as a big part of my {new} mom-identity when my husband died.  We had valued vacations and exploring places together.  Our bucket list of cities to visit was...

Having a Baby While Your Husband Has Chemotherapy

With Mother's Day coming up, we're taking this week to share stories from our own Twin Cities Moms Blog Contributors on how they became mothers. We all have unique stories, and some of our stories are still...

Letting Go of Picture Perfect

In this age of Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and a million photo apps with fun filters, many of us are trying to make each picture... perfect. I am always trying to make my pictures look...

The Best Thanksgiving

My favorite Thanksgiving stories are by far traditional. The year our oldest son was born, we decided to stay home for Thanksgiving. My late husband grilled steaks and we devoured them while watching our...