Danielle Venticinque

Danielle Venticinque is a health and wellness guru, author, actress and momprenuer. During the 2020 pandemic she founded, Thrive Betterment personal growth products. The betterments are a stylish, wearable progress report that cultivates accountability and self-management. Her jewelry line empowers women to establish up to 6 daily habits of prosperity and wellness focusing on positive mindset and goal attainment. Danielle thrives in Saint Paul, MN with her husband, 2 sons and 75lbs mutt. Follow @Thrive_Betterment on IG for more wellness tips and positive vibes.
Single Mother At Home Getting Son Wearing Uniform Ready For First Day Of School - child's self-worth

Can You Teach a Child Self-Worth?

  As our children develop their sense of self, they aren't predisposed to question their worth. In my opinion (I'm not a doctor), our children feel "worthy" until shown or told otherwise. This feeling of...
Little boys are making bed in their room. Helping Children Cultivate Habits

Helping Children Cultivate Habits

It's a new year, and with it, we are inundated with reminders of becoming a "new you." I enjoy the fresh start of it all, but for me, life's been a personal growth journey...

Riding it Out

The past year has been a wild ride and just like a roller coaster at Valley Fair, last March the safety harness of the pandemic securely locked us in and no matter how much...


In an effort to escape the unflagging summer heat, our family makes a weekly pilgrimage to the beach. This past week our 2 young boys splashed in and out of the cool water lining...

New Growth

Springtime has always been my mother’s favorite season. I never quite understood this as it was my least favorite season. It was “mud-season” and merely a necessary transition. It meant the fun, sledding and...

Blessings in Disguise

Over the last several weeks I’ve checked in with many of my mom friends. Most are not handling the current state of things very well. Sometimes that last sentence is true for me too....

Be Patient, Life’s in the Details

When I paused for a moment to consider this month's Twin Cities Mom Collective theme - Mama, you can do hard things - my mental list of “hard things” was long, but there was...

Cultivating Confidence

It isn’t enough that we obsessively show and tell our children we love them. We also have to teach them to love themselves; to believe they are worthy and to be confident. I've come to...

Your Resolution Roadmap

Every January we each embark on our unique journeys of personal improvement. Many of us resolve to get healthier or to become a better {parent, partner, meal-planner}, or fix finances... the list goes on....

Christmas Traditions: Making Magic Happen

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen nearly a jillion social media posts featuring mom friends and their families practicing holiday traditions. In the mix were time lapse tree trimmings, kids stirring cookie batter...

Love Thyself

The other night after our bedtime thanksgiving my oldest son asked, “Mom, do you love me?” My response was exactly as he expected and had heard a million times before, “of course!” He went...

Every Mile was Worth the While

“Momma is going to run a marathon.” Vaughn looked at me, his nose wrinkled, “What’s that?” “It’s a really, long, long run.” How can I expect him, a four-year old, to wrap his mind around this...

The Last of the Throw Away Generations

This is us; or rather, anyone born in the 20th century. We’re all descendants of thrower-outers. It wasn’t until several years into my grade school youth that the concept of the 3 “R”s, reduce,...

Bedtime Thanksgiving

I didn’t realize it at the time, but once we started our family and had to be more mindful of our spending, I began my practice of gratitude. When I was thankful for what...