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In this day and age, we all see those families at the restaurant who are all on their phone or tablet and don’t seem to look up for anything other than ordering. I always promised myself I would never be ‘that’ family. However, when I found myself in a restaurant with a screaming one-year old, I needed something for him to look at to give a little entertainment so we wouldn’t have to leave.

There are many children’s apps that allow the kids to be entertained and learn at the same time. For those moments where you need time to keep them distracted, these apps are perfect for younger children. The apps below are free (with one exception) and easy to use.

Sesame Street ages 0-5

This app has plenty of Sesame Street clips and games. There are videos and activities that are suited for each child’s learning goals. This app is fun, and it’s easy to use and navigate.

Fisher Price Laugh&Learn ages 0-3

The Fisher Price apps are simple, free, and so cute and exciting for young children. There are multiple types of these Laugh&Learn apps, and I would download them all! Babies are able to tap and interact with animals, have song and music time, learn body parts and different words.

123 Baby Games ages 2-4

These games are great for little ones who are starting to learn colors and shapes. There are also games that help them learn and master their counting.

Preschool Zoo Puzzles Zoolingo ages 2-6

This app is wonderful because is gives you an option of 16 different languages. It includes creating skills in counting and numbers, animal names, and the alphabet. The activities are creative and colorful for your child to stay focused.

Dr. Suess Treasury ages 0-5

This is an app with all the famous Dr. Suess books front to back. My son loves these books, so having them available on my phone is so convenient. The app has three reading modes including ‘read myself’ or ‘read to me’. This app is free for seven days, then you can choose a monthly cost or pay for the full Treasury unlimited.

Sesame Street and Autism

This app is specific for children on the Autism spectrum. It is a family app with tips and activities to help overcome challenges that they may face together. 

Again, phone and tablets do not come in front of family time, but with all the educational apps that are available, it is definitely a tool that we can use and take advantage of.

Being born and raised in the Twin Cities, Emily is a true Minnesotan. She and her husband, Ian, have been married since 2014. Emily always had a dream of being a mom. Ian and Emily now live in Eagan with their two boys, Jude (2016) and Ash (2018). Emily works nights and weekends as a Classical Ballet Instructor at Ballet Royale Minnesota and spends her days playing with her active toddler and baby. She is addicted to coffee and loves writing about her adventures being a mommy. You can read more about her personal life on her blog ( or Instagram


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