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Once June hits in Minnesota, everyone starts celebrating that summer has finally arrived. I totally understand because let’s face it – winter is basically our only season in this fine state of ours. But for me, it usually brings dread. As much as I hate to say that, I am just not a summer girl.

Perhaps it’s due to how much I despise being hot in any way, shape or form. Or because my redheaded, fair-skinned self only burns in the sun. Or maybe it’s the fact that the last two summers, I’ve had a busy toddler on my hands that by the time I got her lathered up in sunscreen and convinced her that water was fun, we had to rush home for a nap and summer to me just meant more work for little reward.

But this summer, something has been different.

Something has been special. Fun even.

We’ve spent nights on the patio roasting marshmallows over the fire pit. We’ve savored sweet treats and let the drips roll off our cheeks. We’ve been to countless splash pads and built sandcastles at beaches. We’ve rode more rides than we can count, stayed up past our bedtimes at fairs and festivals, and watched a parade or two. And it’s actually been enjoyable. And I wish I could just freeze time and stay in this sweet spot forever.

You see, my one and only baby is starting school in the fall. We’re trying our hand at her first ever sports and activities too. Sure, it’s pre-school and she’s only three. But our carefree days and unplanned nights are now going to be full of making sure papers get signed and projects get completed, that the dance carpool makes it to class on time and that mama can get her act together to get some dinner on the table before we fly out the door. This busy, hyper-scheduled school life is only going to continue for the next fifteen years, and there is no going back to our easy breezy months where the weekdays and weekends blurred together because every day was just as fun. And I think that’s why this summer has been so special; I just want to hang on to every moment of this spontaneous little life we’ve been living.

Mamas out there, I’m sure you can totally relate to wanting to freeze time. What seasons in your life have made you want to slow down and savor your sweet spot for just a little longer?

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Danielle Kleiner
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