Style: Dare to Wear WHITE

Yes, you can. White is a shade, not limited to the purest and the cleanest. Its season doesn’t start at Memorial Day and end at Labor Day. And although the technical answer would be that white isn’t a color – it sure as heck is a timeless trend that doesn’t need parameters.

I used to always buy into the traditional tale that white could not be worn unless it was the summer. It seemed to be one of those unwritten rules that I couldn’t dare be caught breaking. So, my beautiful white shoes? Not before Memorial Day. A cute white top? Summer. White shorts or jeans? Heaven forbid those come out on a cloudy day in May. Except the designated summer season in Minnesota is only three months long. (If we’re lucky). That doesn’t leave hardly any time to enjoy a look that I love to wear. So, the older I got, the more I realized I was sticking myself to such a silly standard. Why couldn’t I don my white canvas slip-ons in April? Or a white top on Mother’s Day? Our nicest autumn days often go from 70’s to 50’s in an hour’s time. What if I wanted to throw on my white denim jacket in the evening and it was the end of September? Make way, my friends. I AM DOING IT.

Like black, white is a color that everyone can wear. Yes it sure is. Although you may not feel its slimming effects like black, it has a similar vibe because it’s so versatile! Believe it or not, it can be just as flattering on a size 12 as a size 2. It just takes the right article and the right attitude. White is a neutral and every body type has the ability to style it with sophistication.

Let’s start with the basic white tee. Most women will use this kind of piece to layer – whether it’s a tank, a tee or a long-sleeve for extra warmth. It’s pretty much considered a wardrobe staple, but not many will step out with it as the spotlight of their ensemble. But try it. Next time, consider ditching the security blanket cardigan. Pair the tee with a brightly colored necklace or some statement earrings. You’ll be surprised how fresh and clean it feels to wear white as your primary piece. And don’t bother waiting for a special occasion. But maybe skip the local all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner.

Style Section: Dare to Wear WHITE | Twin Cities Mom Collective

White shoes. Now, tell me why it’s okay for people to sport white sneakers any time of the year, but the minute you slip on some white flats or heels people gasp like you just committed a sacred fashion faux pas. The secret is out, my friends. This old-fashioned statute is now shifting to a newfound statement. White is the new black. And you can wear it ANY TIME YOU WANT. You just might want to avoid the muddy puddles in March. After all, white looks best in its cleanest form.

White jeans or white shorts. Ah yes, the trickiest of them all. It starts with the overwhelming styles to select from. You’ve got options that are loose, tight, full-length, cropped, ankle. There are leggings, jeggings, jeans and chinos. Then there’s shorts that are cuffed, button-fly, raw hem, distressed or delicate. You name it and some sort of brand has created the perfect style for you. It just might take a little time to find what feels (and looks) the best. But don’t be scared to shop for white. It doesn’t have to be a chore. Focus on your best features and find something that makes you feel good, no matter what season it is. Want to sport white jeans with some red hot heels to a holiday party in December? DO IT. White denim can be dressed up and can be just as festive as a pair of black leggings. It’s a neutral that breeds character when you simply add some spice.

Style Section: Dare to Wear WHITE | Twin Cities Mom Collective

And this should go without saying; disregard what other people might think or say. Including your mother. All the traditional thoughts on wearing white are a thing of the past. Remember, fashion trends come and go constantly. But white is a classic look that will never die. Just don’t allow it to get hidden behind all the historic hullabaloo. I wore a white jacket and white shoes for Easter, on April 4th. I even posted a photo on social media and no one came after me. They may have judged from afar, but I liked how it looked and I liked how I looked. That’s all you need to wear white. Period. No one else’s sentiments and no specific season.

It’s 2021. Here’s the modern day emphasis: Live your best life, my friends. The simplest of statements is calling your name. Stand tall. Be well. And, WEAR THE WHITE.

Korean-born. Minnesota-raised. Alison is a mom of two, who stays fueled by her faith, family, friends and a love for fitness. Her journey has meant juggling two different spectrums of motherhood with both a high schooler and a Kindergartner. Much of her time is spent shouting on the sports sidelines, but there’s nothing she enjoys more than watching her kids do things they love. Her passion has always been words in written form and she eventually turned that into a career with copywriting and content writing. When she’s not busy making her house a home, you can find her brunching with friends, getting lost in her Kindle or sweating it out with the Peloton® community. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook


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