Alison Trauger

Korean-born. Minnesota-raised. Alison is a wife and mom of two, who considers herself fueled by faith, fitness, and family. Her journey has meant juggling two different spectrums of motherhood with both a high schooler and a Kindergartner. Much of her time is spent shouting on the sports sidelines, but there’s nothing she enjoys more than watching her kids do what they love. A word nerd who’s been involved with copywriting and content writing for the past five years. When she’s not busy making her house a home, you can catch her brunching with friends, squeezing in a good workout, or daydreaming during a nice long walk. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook

World Mental Health Day: Walking on Broken Glass

Raise your hand if you’re exhausted. Raise your hand if you’re feeling STRESSED OUT. Raise your hand if you’re just really overwhelmed with life right now. Are you sitting there with your hand up?...