Prioritizing Mom During a Crisis

During the current climate of this global pandemic, many of us find ourselves anxious, scared, angry or sad. And that’s okay. Here at TCMC we want to walk along beside you as we traverse these uncertain waters together. In our continued pursuit to resource you as a mom, we’ve compiled some tools for you to use at your leisure.

It’s so important to us that you feel cared for in the middle of all that you’re doing to take care of your family. Moms do a lot of looking out for others in their home, and with that in mind, we want to encourage you to make sure you are on the priority list too.

It’s the oxygen mask mentality and if you take care of how you feel in this, you’ll be better equipped to support your family. You’re not alone in this and we hope you find these to be helpful as we all walk an uncertain path in the coming days and weeks. Follow the link below for a list you can reference for the times you realize that you need a minute for you too.

  1. What do you need to start saying yes to? 
  2. What do you need to start saying no to? 
  3. Get creative 
  4. Laugh 
  5. Delete, Unfollow, let go of something 
  6. Set up a virtual dinner, coffee, or lunch date with friend 
  7. Get outside 
  8. Unplug- digital detox 
  9. Breathe deeply 
  10. Find your favorite artist on tiny desk 
  11. Move your body 
  12. Dance 
  13. Call a friend..not text hear their voice 
  14. Sleep in (if you can) 
  15. Throw on a mask and make yummy dinner 
  16. Take a 2 hour break from technology 
  17. Give yourself a compliment 
  18. Go to bed early 
  19. Find a new podcast 
  20. Do nothing 
  21. Give yourself a compliment 
  22. Enjoy a bubble bath 
  23. Make time to read and relax
  24. Plan something fun for the weekend 
  25. Have a mid week face mask session 
  26. Have a cup of coffee alone 
  27. Do a 15 min yoga session or stretch your body 
  28. Go to bed early 
  29. Call a friend 
  30. Free choice do what feels good to you- listen to what you need 
  31. Cook something new or order take out 
  32. Have a dance party 
  33. Have a night in and watch your favorite movie or new show
  34. Journal 
  35. Take a hot shower with eucalyptus 
  36. Watch something that makes you laugh
  37. Take a break from social media
  38. Wash your sheets or get new ones


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