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10 Must-Haves for Your Child’s Medicine Cabinet

10 Must-Haves for Your Child's Medicine Cabinet | Twin Cities Moms Blog

In every family, it seems as if sickness strikes when we least expect it. Take a look at this list of our family’s top ten must have items we keep stocked in the kids’ medicine cabinet at all times!

Colic and Gas Relief

1.) Colic Calm. Don’t think it can’t happen to you! When you hear the “C-Word” and assume your sweet, sweet thing is too precious to cry for hours on end, for absolutely no reason… Trust me, it happens. We tried a few over-the-counter products and this one is worth the money to suppress the colic and save your ears and sanity for a bit.

2.) Gas Drops. New babies don’t have the world figured out quite yet so they need a little extra help relieving themselves of the toots and gurgles (think aftermath of date night at Five Guys and Fries).

3.) Pro-Biotic. A good, all-natural probiotic can help an infant’s digestive system mature faster and actually relieve them of colic symptoms, where as the drops will just suppress until the next episode. Be sure to grab one with at least a couple billion live cultures!

Cold and Flu Symptoms

4.) Infant Tylenol. I always keep ahold of the recommended dosage from our pediatrician.

5.) Digital Thermometer. Taking a little one’s temperature often seems like you’re wrestling a bear. We love our digital thermometer – with one quick swipe of the forehead we have quite the accurate read.

6.) Nasal Aspirator. After cutting open our own bulb shaped “snot sucker,” I vowed to never purchase another again. Instead, pick up the next grossest looking thing, the Nose Frida. This nasal aspirator is a go-to baby gift for friends – so much suction and way cleaner. Oh, don’t forget the filters!

7.) Saline Wipes. These are extra soft, gentle and honestly I think they’re perfect for all ages during cold and flu season!

Everyday Use

8.) Organic Coconut Oil. Refined or unrefined, whichever you prefer – they both hold the same qualities. We’ve ultimately replaced baby oil and/or lotion for coconut oil in our house after my youngest came about with eczema spells. There are so many wonderful ways to utilize coconut oil, but the main ones we use it for on our infant are diaper rash, hair and skin moisturizer, and to remove cradle cap.

9.) Grooming Kit. Keep all the grooming essentials in one place. It’s also great for traveling!

Teething Relief

10.) Gum Massager/Gel. All of the sudden, your little one is refusing bottles, not sleeping and seems more agitated? It’s likely a tooth or two is about to cut through. We had plenty teething rings we’d put in the fridge, but found her hands were getting too cold to hang on long enough to soothe her swollen gums. Alas, a friend recommended ZoLi Chubby Gummy teethers and we love them! They’re easy to hold, have an anti-choke shield and mimic the motion of brushing.

To make things easier, I’ve created a one-stop shop list on Amazon, find all items listed above here!

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