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Hosting a Baby Shower

Hosting a Baby Shower | Twin Cities Moms Blog

After either attending or hosting around 20 baby showers in my lifetime, I have seen a wide variety in the baby shower game. You can get into the details by having the invites match the napkins, the decor, the customized cookies, etc. Or…you can throw an egg bake in the oven, cut up a watermelon, brew some coffee and call it a baby shower. Seriously, you can make this as easy or as complicated as you want.

No matter the route you choose, there is so much excitement and joy in celebrating a new baby for a dear friend or family member. Here are some baby shower planning basics I have uncovered in my experience. I would love to hear any additional ideas from you!

Hosting a Baby Shower | Twin Cities Moms Blog

  1. Form a team – There are a lot of responsibilities that go along with hosting a baby shower. In my opinion, it is ideal to have a few hosts to share the duties. Hopefully, you know these other hosts but if not, take some time to connect with them. You will want to discuss everyone’s ideas and how you want to go about planning (Will you meet in person to plan it? Will you do everything over email? Text?).
  2. Know your mama – This is probably the point I would stress the most. Who is the mama-to-be that you are celebrating? Does she love being the center of attention, or does it make her cringe? Does she get a kick out of the silly baby shower games, or does she roll her eyes? Think about her and plan a shower that she will enjoy! You can even consider the mama’s favorite treats (and keep in mind if she’s still experiencing any food aversions due to pregnancy nausea). This day, after all, is all about her and celebrating her future with her baby.
  3. Pick your roles – Along with your fellow hosts, determine who will take on each of the various tasks…divide and conquer! Keep in mind what people are good at or interested in. If one person loves to cook/bake, she may be great at planning the menu. If one person is really creative, she can potentially design an invitation or manage the party décor. I also find it helpful to discuss a loose agenda for the shower – including what time the hosts should arrive to set up. It is helpful to have a general idea of when you plan to eat/open gifts/play games, etc., to keep the event moving along.
  4. Keep it simple – If there is anything I’ve learned from my experience, it is to not over plan a baby shower. It takes longer than expected to have everyone get food, open gifts, or even have your guests arrive and get settled. As I said in my previous point, it’s nice to have a loose agenda but also be willing to be flexible when things take longer (or shorter!) than planned.
  5. Enjoy the day – Lastly, make sure to have a good time and, most importantly, keep the focus on the mama-to-be. Surely she has a lot on her mind with her baby arriving soon. This is a good opportunity for her to feel support from her friends and family.
    Hosting a Baby Shower | Twin Cities Moms Blog

What are your favorite activities at a baby shower? Do you have a favorite baby shower game? Please share in the comments!

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