DIY Craft: Boho Wall Hanging

It’s me again! The lady who loves crafting and adding flare to our homes. This time around, I thought I would share a super cute wall decor DIY project that can truly go any place in your home. The boho vibe is still in full swing, and I think what many people are loving about this trend is the beauty and simplicity it inherently has. So… here we go! A quick do-it-yourself craft you can do with your kid(s) for their room or study space. Or really anywhere you are looking to add some simple, fun decor to a wall in your home.

DIY Craft: Boho Wall Hanging | Twin Cities Mom Collective

First, it’s time to collect your supplies. I grabbed a cute branch from Joanne Fabrics. It even already had a twine wrapped around the top to use as a hanger. You could also just go for a fun nature walk with your family and have your kiddos find a fallen branch. The best part is it is completely up to you how long you want this new piece of art to be. The larger the branch, the larger the art work. But for your reference, the one I used is about 3 feet long.

DIY Craft: Boho Wall Hanging | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Next, you will need some yarn. Try to grab various balls of yarn with different textures. If you are going for a more funky look, a variety of colors is great too. If you desire a more soft and subtle look, stick with a more tonal color scheme. I went with creams, browns and a punch of gray. I also added some lace for texture too. At the end of the day, this is your project so get as creative with textures and colors as want!

As I began, I set the branch down flat and then determined the pattern I wished to create with the yarn. I began cutting lots of strips of the yarn; ending up with roughly 16 pieces per color, except for the lace I cut only 4. I placed the yarn and lace in lines on the table beneath the branch to determine which ones I wanted to start with and how I would like it to look. Quick tip: Make sure to leave about 2-3 inches on the ends to tie some twine or thin rope so you can hang your art work up.

After cutting all of the yarn and lace, I then started tying the strips to the branch working from left to right. I did this by making a small slip knot with each piece of yarn over the branch, working with about 8 pieces of one color before switching to the next color or texture. To speed up this process, have your kids hand you the colors.

DIY Craft: Boho Wall Hanging | Twin Cities Mom CollectiveOnce you have used all the materials, step back and look at your creation. See if it looks thin in any spots and needs bulking up, or more color variation…. If you find yourself needing more yarn, just cut more strips and overlap some of the colors to fill it out.

DIY Craft: Boho Wall Hanging | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Okay, you’re almost done! Once you have the yarn and fabric knotted to the branch exactly how you want it, grab your twine or rope and make your hanger. Determine how long you want this to hang on your wall. Then cut your rope or twine. Wrap around the end of the branch and tie one side before doing the same to the other side.

Lastly, you need to trim the material on the bottom to give it a more professional (and deliberate) look. For best results, I would hang your creation in the place it is going to be in your home. Once it is on the wall, take your scissors and trim it. I trimmed mine in more of a V-shape for fun, but you are welcome to make it more asymmetrical, zigzagged or even straight across.

Have fun and add your own style to this project. It’s simple and you can get all your supplies online or pop into your local craft store. This project should take no more that 20-30 minutes including prep and crafting.

Yeah, you’re done!!!! Congrats on your new boho art piece for your home.

Peace & Love,

Mama Janna

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