Building New Friendships – What Scouting Means for Making Friends and Building Confidence for Cub Scouts

Our partners at Northern Star Cub Scouts describe the four ways that the Cub Scouts helps your child build friendships and confidence.

One of the most important aspects of growing up is building friendships and learning to interact with others confidently. Many children struggle with this and can carry these struggles into adulthood. A great way to help your child overcome their social struggles is by enrolling them in clubs or organizations that encourage group activities like Cub Scouts. Cub Scouts provides a perfect place for children to build bonds with other kids and positively navigate social interactions.

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4 Ways the Cub Scouts Helps Your Child Build Confidence and Strong Friendships

When your child joins Cub Scouts, they’ll participate in several activities that will boost their confidence, sharpen their social skills, and foster strong friendships with other Scouts.

Below are just four ways that the Cub Scouts helps your child build friendships and confidence:

1. Participating in Group Activities

The most significant way that Cub Scouts will help your child build friendships is by having them consistently partake in group activities. The Scouts play games together, build things as a team, and even go on group field trips. During these activities, your child will work with other kids to finish projects or complete a game, helping them learn how to interact confidently with others.

The Cub Scouts will often visit community organizations, like fire stations, police stations, and local animal shelters. Those trips will give your child the opportunity to experience new places with other children and form a bond over this shared experience.

2. Working Together to Achieve Goals

Another way that Cub Scouts encourages healthy friendships is by having children work together to achieve common goals. Cub Scouts participate in things like local cleanup projects, volunteering with charities, and more. Scouts also work together to complete tasks like art projects, woodwork, and other group activities. When kids work together to reach a shared goal, it helps them bond and build friendships.

Working to achieve goals together also helps your child gain more confident social skills. When trying to reach a common goal, your child must communicate with other children to ensure the task is done correctly. That will improve your child’s confidence when communicating to achieve goals with others in the future.

3. Being Rewarded For Achievements

In Cub Scouts, your child will get rewarded for reaching certain goals and milestones or completing specific tasks. Rewarding children for their achievements helps them to build self-esteem and feel more confident among their peers. When kids feel acknowledged, they feel happier and more comfortable in all areas of their lives, including friendships.

4. Learning Common Values Together

A pillar of the Cub Scouts is the motto “Be Your Best.” The Scouts strive always to be the best version of themselves and adhere to certain values. When children are all learning common values and growing and sharing these characteristics together, it helps them build stronger bonds.

Being part of the Cub Scouts culture strengthens your child’s confidence. Cub Scouts will reinforce important values like honesty, integrity, and perseverance, among many other positive traits. Your child will carry everything they learn during their time as a Scout into adulthood. The lessons will help them navigate the world more confidently and give them a foundation to continue growing.

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