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A Secondary Infertility Discussion with CCRM Fertility

Recently, we had the chance to sit down with Dr. Kohlmeier from CCRM Fertility for a secondary infertility discussion. It is our hope that this interview will be a source of information and encouragement for women who are dealing with secondary infertility and looking for the proper support.

When we make the exciting decision to start a family, most of us do not anticipate problems such as difficulty conceiving or miscarriage. Infertility struggles are raw, real, and have many implications on our lives and relationships.

However, experiencing secondary infertility is something we hear about less often, but has the same defeating issues as primary infertility. Secondary infertility is when you have successfully conceived your first child and then have trouble getting pregnant with a second child or perhaps a third child. Many of you may be in a situation like this right now. Perhaps, you are wondering how many months you need to be trying for a second or third baby to determine if you need fertility support.

We were able to find answer these questions as well as address the issue of advanced maternal age in pregnancy. In pregnancy, advanced maternal age is when you become pregnant post 35 years of age. During our time with Dr. Kolhmeier, she explains more about both topics and addresses the possible fertility treatments available.

Please enjoy this video below:


CCRM Fertility is a fertility clinic with nationwide locations, including one in Edina, Minnesota. The fertility specialists at CCRM offer in vitro fertilization, embryo transfer, intrauterine insemination services and more. Visit their website for more information.

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