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Why Not to Feel Guilty Sending Your Kids to Daycare On Your Day Off

So you are checking your time off balance at work and realize you are in serious need of a day off. A day off from work…a day to yourself. Do you plan on sending your little ones to daycare on that hard-earned day off? If so, do you feel guilty? Here are a few reasons not to feel guilty sending your kids to daycare on your day off.

1) You can get errands done in peace. Remember the days when you could go to Target and wander the aisles for hours without the interruption of your little ones? Use your day off to do just that! What mom doesn’t love a little extra time at Target to skim the shoe, clothes and accessory departments?

2) You can get some well deserved pampering. We hard working mamas need some pampering every now and then and what better time to do that than on our day off? I don’t know about you, but with summer right around the corner, my winter feet are in need of some major love! They won’t get pretty if I’m chasing my little one all over the nail salon during my pedicure.

3) You can catch-up with your BFF. The weekends with family and running around with the littles can make little room for girl time. Meet up with you favorite gal pal for coffee or lunch without the interruption of the kids. You can talk in peace instead of apologizing to the server ten times over little Joey throwing a tantrum and spilling his chocolate milk all over the restaurant floor.

Why Not to Feel Guilty Sending Your Kids to Daycare On Your Day Off | Twin Cities Moms Blog

4) You can enjoy uninterrupted wellness time. It’s hard to squeeze in wellness time when you’re a mom. Meditate, do yoga, go for a run, or take a mid-day spin class. Do whatever it is that will help you recharge to feel like a happier, healthier mama come daycare pick up time.

5) You can finish household chores. This is the not-so-sexy option to that day off, but how nice to not have to worry about your at home to-do list once the kiddos return home from daycare. Now you can concentrate fully on the kids without those three unfinished loads of laundry in the back of your mind.

6) You can take a nap. Are you in need of some serious Z’s? I can speak from personal experience that as a mom to a 13 month old I’m about 13 months behind on sleep. Use your day off to sneak in a nap and catch-up on some much-needed shuteye.

Why Not to Feel Guilty Sending Your Kids to Daycare On Your Day Off | Twin Cities Moms Blog


7) Still feeling guilty sending the babes to daycare on your day off? Go join them for lunch or snack time! Then you can feel better knowing you got to spend additional time with them on your day off, while still getting in some time for yourself too.

8) Either way you still pay. Whether you send your kids to daycare on your day off or not, you are still paying for that day of daycare. Just sayin. 😉

On a final note, don’t let other moms make you feel guilty for sending your kids to daycare on your day off. It’s your hard earned time, and quite frankly, nobody’s business how you choose to spend that time.

Now take that day off and enjoy!

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