So You Say You’re Not a Runner?

As moms, we understand the importance of self-care, and we are here to help busy moms like you find time to prioritize your wellness. Our hope is that you feel encouraged and equipped to value and prioritize nutrition, self-care, fitness and a healthy body image through these personal stories from experts in the fitness industry in our Health & Fitness Series.

Eleven years ago, Karissa Johnson of Forest Lake, Minnesota was a busy mom of three littles under the age of 4. She had been active all her life but found it tough to find the time to get out for a run. After speaking with other moms, Karissa realized she was not alone — so she decided to do something about it.

Enter Moms on the Run, the company she founded in 2008. What started out as a small group of moms and kids in strollers is today a structured fitness program across the country for all women — beginning runners to marathoners. Want to run a 5K? Or simply get out for some ‘me’ time? Maybe you’ve signed up to run your first marathon or your tenth? No matter your fitness level, joining a group like Moms on the Run has so many benefits.

Moms on the Run | Twin Cities Moms Blog


There are countless articles that discuss the accountability factor. It’s easy to roll over and go back to bed if it’s just you; yet knowing there’s a group of people waiting for you gets you out of bed and on the trails.


We hear over and over from women who join Moms on the Run to get fit and stay because not only do they get a great workout, they now have a team of women whom they call family. You know that ‘new girl’ feeling? Well, brush off your fear because there are other women who are starting out just like you. Our program features our signature learn-to-run training, so after the first five minutes you will not only feel welcomed but will be personally supported at your training level.

Moms on the Run | Twin Cities Moms Blog


Picture this: scenic wooded trails, a friend telling you a good story, and coaches and teammates encouraging you to keep going just when you feel you can’t. No matter what level you are  — walker, jogger, runner, marathoner — a group will help you get to the next level. “Moms on the Run has pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to reach goals I never thought possible,” explains Donna Spiczka, who started running with Moms on the Run eight years ago.

Stress Relief

Moms usually take the primary role of balancing all the demands of family, work, and activities. Making time for ‘you’ is essential. Plus, have you ever heard of the ‘runner’s high?’ That feeling of euphoria coupled with reduced anxiety is real.

Moms on the Run | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Energy Boost

Think you need a few cups of joe to keep your energy up? For long-lasting energy, nothing beats the endorphins from a long run.


Let’s face it, having a group to run with is just more fun — and helps those miles fly by.

Moms on the Run offers a fall eight-week training season, so now is a perfect time for walkers and beginners to join! Our unique interval format helps everyone stay together on the trails, which enhances team camaraderie. To learn more about us or find a location near you, click HERE.

Another great way to check them out is to join Moms on the Run at their 5K/10K walk/run on August 25th! Use the promo code TCMB5 to save $5 at the link HERE


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