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Shop Twin Cities 2020 | Twin Cities Mom Collective

This year has certainly been like any other and we know that the small business community has been deeply affected. It is our heart to support local businesses and in line with that mission, we are so proud to announce our NEW Shop Twin Cities guide and overwhelmed to work with partners like Casa de Corazón that come alongside us to support each of these local businesses! The mission of Casa de Corazón is to provide inclusive, diverse day care services within the communities we serve. This year, their dedication to the families in our communities is more important than ever and it certainly shows as they cheer on these fellow community businesses in the giving season.

We created this list based on recommendations from our team members and our readers, so you can be sure these items are tried and true favorites! We have 100+ small businesses that are represented in this guide and encourage you to SHOP LOCAL this holiday season!

Here’s how to shop this guide: 2020 requires some creative shopping, especially as restaurants and other businesses must remain on pause right now. As we head into the season, think outside of the box! Our small business community is the HEART of the Twin Cities. Shop with these things in mind:

  1. GIFT CARDS: You can buy gift cards for those you are gifting and for yourself! Help a small business close out the year well by purchasing gift cards you can use all year long. Consider which restaurants and shops you know you’ll buy from through all of 2021 and buy gift cards now to use later.
  2. Shop Your Upcoming Needs/Wants/Gifts Now: What needs do you have on the horizon? For your home, your business, etc. Are you already short on warm hats for the family? Stock up now. What birthdays are coming up in the first half of 2021 that you can shop for now? If a friend is having a baby next year, grab that baby gift now. Think ahead for yourself and help a small business thrive as you do!
  3. Show the love! Once you purchase, share on social media! Post to your Facebook and Instagram when you’ve made the purchase, then again when it arrives, then once more when you gift or use your purchase. If you only knew what those shares and organic marketing do for a small business! It’s the world and word of mouth advertising really does help. Shout it from the rooftops!

Thank you for helping us support our community – please consider keeping any and all spending you will do in our local community. We’re always sad when businesses disappear but we can help keep that from happening! Let’s go Twin Cities…it’s the giving season. Let’s make the most of it!

Each of these sections opens up to show a number of local businesses that we’re excited to share with you – simply click to expand. Check out their websites, peek at their social media, then do the thing to help them out. We can do this…we’re in it together!

Our Favorite Local Businesses of 2020



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Nicole December 8, 2020 at 12:12 PM

Thank you so much for supporting small Businesses.


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