15 Twin Cities Coffee Shops To Hit Up Today

Local Coffee Shops | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Angry Catfish Bicycles and Coffee: Strap the kids in the Burley and head over to this great spot in Minneapolis.

Black Dog Wine and Coffee Shop: We like this one for so many super obvious reasons (see business name…). Find them in Lowertown St. Paul.

Caribou Coffee: Another great drive-thru goldmine and a great company started by local Minnesotans.

Cold Front: A St. Paul classic that combines coffee and ice cream in one magical little neighborhood shop. We call that win-win for you and the kiddos, mama!

Dogwood Coffee: Two Minneapolis locations & 1 St. Paul location.

Dunn Bros: Multiple area locations (bonus for drive-thru’s!) – they may have a ton of locations, but they are oh, so locally based.

Five Watt Coffee: Find them in the Kingfield, Lyndale, off East Hennepin, or in the Keg and Case Market in Saint Paul.

Groundswell: Tucked away in the Hamline Midway area in St Paul, this is an area favorite.

Honey & Rye: a woman-owned venture undertaken by Anne Andrus, who grew up baking monkey bread at home with her mother in a rural Minnesota kitchen. Now a business owner and a mom, her passion for baking, family, and community continues to inspire her journey.

J&S Bean Factory: Find them in St. Paul and enjoy their huge outdoor patio!

Kopplin’s Coffee: All around fantastic St. Paul shop. They support other local businesses and give back to the community with every purchase.

Nina’s Coffee Shop: Adorable Friends-esque coffee shop in St. Paul. Perfectly local, but just how do you pronounce Nina? Ask the barista and it might surprise you!

Quixotic Coffee: Located in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul, Quixotic Coffee delivers high quality hand-crafted beverages, made with local ingredients, and local character.

Spyhouse Coffee: We highly suggest visiting all of their 6 Twin Cities locations as each is so unique!

Turtle Bread Coffee: Grab lunch, coffee, and treats at all 3 of their locations in Minneapolis.

{Disclaimer…these are just a few, mainly St. Paul and Minneapolis locations and not an exhaustive Twin Cities list, but we would LOVE to hear your favorite suburban coffee shops! Fill us in in the comments!}

Want a list of our favorite Kid-Friendly coffee shops? There’s plenty of places that you can get coffee while your kids play around, but if you’re looking for a true coffee shop that happens to be kid-friendly, this is your list! Click the photo below!

Kid Friendly Coffee Shops in the Twin Cities | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Just WHY is coffee so important? It’s not all about staying awake…friendship grows over that caffeine. Check out these reads too!

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  1. Carma Coffee is worth checking out! They are a new cafe near the NE Arts district, on NE Lowry.
    The have great coffee, smoothies, snacks, and lunches. Lots of healthy and tasty options, and kid friendly.
    They have a bench made from the back of an old VW truck bed with working break lights–it’s my son’s favorite part of going there!


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