Mall of America: Free Fun for Kids!

Mall of America: Free Fun for Kids! | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I probably take my kids on adventures about 2-3 times each week, especially during these long Minnesota winters. Makes me sounds like I’m Super Mom, right?! But here’s my secret…

I’m lazy.

Yep. No shame in my parenting game! If we stay home, three things always explode:

  1. Toys.
  2. Crumbs.
  3. Emotions.
  4. and in turn, my sanity.

So technically four things. Toys come pouring out of places I never knew existed, turning the house into a minefield nearly impossible to walk through without stepping on something painful. Meals and snacks leave enough leftovers on the floor for another full meal or snack, if you prefer partially sucked on Cheerios and squished blueberries. And the emotions, oh for love of my fragile sanity, the emotions! Three year olds remind me of being pregnant–crying over nothing, being ridiculously sensitive, crying over everything, hungry, but not wanting to eat, tired, but won’t nap. If we don’t get out, this volcano of mommy frustration/cabin fever is going to blow it’s top, which looks like yelling at the kids, then crying to my husband the second he walks in the door, followed by a tidal wave of mom-guilt for said explosion, and a splash of mom-doubt (Can I really do this? Am I cut out for this? Am I horrible mom?).

Yeahhhh, let’s avoid all that, shall we?

So because I’m too lazy to deal with the toys, crumbs, and emotions, we go on adventures. Our favorites are the MN Zoo, Good Times Park, open gym at the community center, library, and Mall of America (MOA).

That last one might surprise you a bit. You’re thinking, “Well, it’s kid-friendly if I want to spend a bunch of money on rides or if we go to Toddler Tuesdays.” Here’s another secret: we’ve actually never done Toddler Tuesdays (yet!) and I only spend $3 on one ride if we even do them. But MOA is still a big hit for our 3.5 year old and 1.5 year old! What are my secrets to making MOA a great (and cheap!) destination for young kids?

  1. If you’re packing a stroller, park on the GREEN level with an alligator. It’s the only skyway without stairs. No waiting for elevators, or hauling the stroller and child up and down stairs. Just glide right on in. We like to park by the Sears entrance and use their elevator, because, again, no lines. But if you arrive early, this entrance will be locked and you’ll have a very short walk to a mall entrance. Mall of America: Free Fun for Kids! | Twin Cities Moms Blog
  2. Legoland. Of course, you already knew about this. But did you know the mall opens before the stores open for people wanting to walk? Guess how many people are playing in the Lego play area at that time? NONE. So sit back and sip that Starbucks or Caribou (both also open early!) while your kids build a Duplo tower. (We also made a barricade with our strollers so the little ones wouldn’t escape!)Mall of America: Free Fun for Kids! | Twin Cities Moms Blog
  3. Check out the second floor below the new food court on the North side. There’s a series of silly mirrors where you can try on some facial hair. Your kids will love it and you’ll get a laugh too.Mall of America: Free Fun for Kids! | Twin Cities Moms Blog
  4. And while you’re there, watch some airplanes take off! Or if you prefer watching them outdoors go here.Mall of America: Free Fun for Kids! | Twin Cities Moms Blog
  5. One of MY favorite reasons to go to MOA is so I can walk and get some exercise during the long, cold winter months. Plus, walking wears my daughter out too so she’s ready for a rare nap! One of the ways we make this work is by playing iSpy. She’s having fun, staying focused, and burning energy…and so am I! From our experience, I was inspired to make something that everyone could enjoy. It’s a FREE printable Mall of America Scavenger Hunt for kids. And it’s kind of amazing! My two old college roomies were in town so their kids (a total of seven between us!) helped test it out for the first time. The scavenger hunt kept the kids busy, giving us a chance to talk and catch up as we walked the mall. We spent almost four hours being mallrats, all without spending a dime (if you pack your own lunch). Plus, the kids wanted to stay even longer!

Mall of America: Free Fun for Kids! | Twin Cities Moms BlogMall of America: Free Fun for Kids! | Twin Cities Moms BlogSo if you’re looking for a kid-friendly activity that’s FREE and FUN, print off our scavenger hunt and have at it! Use #TCMBHunt to see all the fun! Also, check out these hidden gems at MOA while you’re there. Enjoy!

Kim was born, raised, and got both her bachelors and masters degrees in the Twin Cities. She married her best friend, Ryan, 9 years ago and together they have 2 kids, a daughter (4 years) and a son (2 years). Kim is the Community Involvement Coordinator for Twin Cities Moms Blog and Rochester MN Moms Blog. She's passionate about building community and helping moms get connected, feel supported, and be encouraged. She loves being outdoors--camping, hiking, running, cooking and baking, making wine, and occasionally being crafty. She believes laughter is the best way to keep your sanity as a parent and loves swapping stories with other moms.


  1. Thank you for the fun ideas! We also enjoy going to the MOA for a low cost day away. I typically pack a lunch when we go there and eat in a food court. My kids love sitting in the Disney store, watching movie clips and coloring. If you have a Children’s Museum membership, they have a play area now at the MOA. Another fun activity is mini golf at Moose Mountain. Kids under the age of five golf for free. I think this is supposed to be free with purchase of playing adult, but they have never asked me to pay (even when I have offered). We only golf during slow business hours and always let other groups play through. One last tip that is safety related…I always take a picture of my kids before we leave for the mall (or other large places like museums). Then, in the unfortunate case they wander away from me and I have to get help finding him/her, I have a picture with what they are currently wearing. Thankfully, I have never needed to do this!!!

  2. They also have a laser/light show with music by Legoland/Hard Rock at around 7-check for times. If we are needing to get out, it’s fun to just let them run around and dance! Then it’s home and time for bed.

  3. We love having a membership at Crayola at moa! We can do that and then do other mall things so mom and the kids are happy. Occasionally, we’ll let the kids do a couple of rides too because I’m a sucker and just love seeing how happy the rides make them. Plus, with the points pass, you can do only one or two rides and save the rest for another day


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