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Exploring Candyland | A Sweet Adventure

Candyland in St. Paul, MN

Minneapolis: 27 S 7th St #6, Minneapolis

St. Paul: 435 N Wabasha St, St Paul

Stillwater: 212 Main St N, Stillwater

Established in 1932, Candyland has been a beloved tradition in the Twin Cities, providing generations of candy enthusiasts with a huge variety of candy, popcorn, and confections that cater to every taste bud. With three locations throughout the Twin Cities (Stillwater, Minneapolis, and St. Paul) Candyland has become a go-to destination for anyone seeking a sugar rush or a unique gift for a loved one.

candylandOne of the defining features of Candyland stores is their charming and nostalgic ambiance. Walking into a Candyland location is like stepping into a whimsical world of colors, aromas, and flavors. The shelves are adorned with jars of old-fashioned candies like colorful gumballs, licorice sticks, and jawbreakers, evoking memories of childhood innocence and joy.

candylandOne of the highlights of visiting Candyland is the opportunity to explore their vast selection of treats. From classic favorites like chocolate-covered nuts and caramel popcorn to exotic candies from around the world, there’s something to satisfy every sweet craving. Visitors can indulge in creamy fudge, tangy sour candies, or decadent truffles, all meticulously crafted to perfection.

candylandCandyland in St. Paul is renowned for its amazing popcorn. Whether you prefer classic buttery goodness or crave adventurous flavors like caramel, cheese, or spicy options, Candyland’s popcorn offers a tantalizing treat for popcorn enthusiasts of all tastes. Fun Fact! Candyland owns the trademark for Chicago Mix: the irresistible combination of caramel, butter, and cheddar popcorn.

candylandFor those with a penchant for nostalgia, Candyland offers a trip down memory lane with its retro candy collection. Remember the candies you loved as a kid? Candyland likely has them, whether it’s Wax Lips, Bit-O-Honey, or Pop Rocks. These timeless treats bring back fond memories and allow customers to share a piece of their childhood with new generations.

candylandBeyond the super fun array of candies, Candyland stores also offer a range of specialty items. From gift baskets filled with assorted treats to custom candy creations for special occasions like birthdays and weddings, Candyland can turn any event into a sweet celebration. Their knowledgeable staff are always ready to assist customers in finding the perfect gift or creating a personalized candy experience.

candylandMoreover, Candyland has embraced modern trends while staying true to its roots. They offer sugar-free options for health-conscious consumers and cater to dietary restrictions with gluten-free and vegan candies. This inclusivity ensures that everyone can partake in the joy of indulging in delicious sweets.

candylandIn addition to their retail presence, Candyland stores often host events and workshops that allow customers to engage with the candy-making process firsthand. From candy-making demonstrations to chocolate-tasting sessions, these events provide a fun and educational experience for candy enthusiasts of all ages.

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