Chandra Hauge

Chandra Hauge
Being a military child, Chandra grew up all over the United States, but identifies as a Midwesterner with Southern Roots. She is passionate about bringing mothers and their communities together, as it truly does take a village to raise a child. She resides in the south metro with her husband Kevin, daughters Carissa (2014) and Evelyn (2018), dog Zeke (2013), and green cheek conure Sunnybird (2001). Her journey into motherhood took the rough path of three angel babies, secondary infertility, and a failed adoption. She is a “semi-crunchy mom” as in you’ll see her kids rocking cloth diapers and slurping down smoothies with elderberry syrup, but also chowing down on a Lunchable! She is a lover of all things 90s, a believer of serendipity, and has a love/hate relationship with her gardens.

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