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Co-Owners of Twin Cities Mom Collective

About Us:

We are Jessica Dronen and Kim Mortensen, co-owners of Twin Cities Mom Collective.

We are here to celebrate YOU and share in this crazy adventure called motherhood. It is a joy to work with the women who come to hold the title of mom from many different paths. Each one carries a story. Each shared story holds the potential to bring about lifelong connections. Our passion lies in highlighting these women and connecting them with the resources they need to make life a little simpler and sweeter. Because who doesn’t need that right about now?

Jess (right) was born and raised in the Twin Cities and loves to explore her hometown with her husband and little crew of 4 – ages 10, 9, 7 and 3. Jess’s favorite part of being a mom is creating magical moments in the everyday that will turn into lifelong memories. She is a self-proclaimed night owl and swears that it has nothing to do with being the only one awake in the house… Ahhh sweet alone time.

Kim (left) has lived in the Twin Cities for over 12 years. She and her husband have three kids ages 10, 9 and 7 and two very oversized dogs. Kim loves being outdoors exploring with her littles and feels that the best part of this mom life is seeing the world through their eyes. She is a reluctant morning person because, well, see above…. alone time.

Our goal for TCMC is to foster this amazing community of woman by providing opportunities for connection and personal development. We want to celebrate this wonderful city that we get to live in. Our Executive Team and Writing Team are excited to highlight the enjoyable and difficult parts of parenting, help you remember to focus on YOU and who you are outside of your children, bring you helpful tips and feature many of the goings-on in our metro area.

Twin Cities Mom Collective Team

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