You Might Be 9 Months Pregnant IF…

You Might Be 9 Months Pregnant IF... | Twin Cities Moms Blog

In anticipation of our fourth baby (a boy!), due any day now.


1. Every time you make a phone call, the call is answered immediately. Not only is it answered immediately, but with something like “I’m on my way!” or “Is this it?!?!” or “Now?!”

2. You have an unintentional capsule wardrobe. A brilliant idea, although only 37 pieces is now sounding like a LOT of options!

3. You cannot sleep without 4 pillows, a large water bottle, a fan, some essential oils, late-night Pinterest on your iPhone, and chapstick. Who am I kidding? You simply cannot sleep.

4. You eat two breakfasts daily. Possibly followed by a donut. At this point, who’s counting?

5. How many ways can you wear leggings? 

6. Suddenly, everyone is is looking very. skinny.

7. You have started about five different house projects, all at the same time.  The inside of your fridge is sparkling clean and the cupboards are perfectly organized.

8. You can hardly remember the last time you actually zipped up your coat!

9. In the mad rush to make a billion freezer meals in case you never, ever get to the grocery store again, the man checking your receipt on your way out at Costco told you that’s the largest total he’s seen that day. Not kidding (sorry honey)!

10. You are so uncomfortable that you are actually looking forward to labor, ha! 

You Might Be 9 Months Pregnant IF... | Twin Cities Moms Blog

photo credit: J & J Photography Las Vegas


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