You Are Strong

You Are Strong | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Why it happens, I still will never understand. The pain, the grief of life, the things that aren’t supposed to happen.

These things hit you, and they come out of nowhere and swallow you up in big waves. You spend days, weeks, months and sometimes years struggling through, hurting just to breath, wanting to rise and see light, but the end of the tunnel feels too far.

Why? Why the pain?

Once you’re through, you come out, you rise and you are strong.

You are not weak because you cry, you are strong, because after that long, loud, ugly cry, tears and snot covering your cheeks, swollen face and puffy eyes, you rise. You are strong because you rise. Because it hurt that much and you got back up.

You are not weak because you hurt, and you wish it to go away, and it aches from a place inside of you so deep you didn’t even know it existed. You are strong because you kept going, all the while thinking the pain would eat you alive, but you didn’t let it.

You are not weak because you hurt, you are strong because you feel.

You are not weak because life hit you and you didn’t see it coming. How can you know when these things are going to happen? No one can. You didn’t know and that doesn’t make you weak. You are strong because it came from behind, knocked you over and rocked you, but you didn’t let it wreck you.

You are not weak.

You are strong.

You are not weak because the undesired wisdom that comes from walking through the deep pain, the heartache, the tears and the grief turned you, changed you and rearranged you. You are strong, because you didn’t let it take you.


  1. I found this to be very beautiful! I agree that these struggles make us stronger. Expressing our emotions is healthy and natural. Keeping them bottled up leads to diseases of the body. I REALLY loved this!


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