It Won’t Get Easier, but You’ll Get Stronger

My husband and I were driving in the car the other day and talking about how much we have changed since we got married because of circumstances that have happened in our lives since saying, I do. We discussed the things we’ve learned and how we’ve changed from building our business, our team, to multiple family deaths, new friendships, becoming parents. We spoke of little, but impactful, things like saying goodbye to my childhood and grandparent’s homes or words our kids have spoken to us. 

It Won't Get Easier, but You'll Get Stronger | Twin Cities Moms Blog{Photo Credit: Lissadee}

We started talking about this because we were feeling frustrated with life. We were exhausted. And we were making sure we are still on the same page despite how much we have changed.

Our oldest is four and has officially hit the bossy and tantrum stage. Our youngest is sick what seems like every other day. We always feel like we’re drowning at work, bills always need to be paid, the laundry is never done, our house is always a complete disaster, we’re always running late… It just seems we can never get ahead in life.

We keep telling each other, it’ll get easier, we just have to get through this or that. It’ll get easier. But we realized through our conversation that it’s not going to get easier. Because when this or that passes it’ll be something else. However, we’re going to continue to grow and become stronger because of it all! 

It Won't Get Easier, but You'll Get Stronger | Twin Cities Moms Blog{Photo Credit: Chelsie Lopez}

We won’t ever get caught up on sleep because once our kids finally sleep in peace, we’ll be wide-awake wondering why they aren’t home from being out yet. 

We won’t ever get caught up with laundry, but we’re learning to manage it. 

Our toddler’s bossiness and tantrums will still make us want to flip out, but we’re learning how to take deep breaths and handle it. 

We’ll always worry about our kids, but it’ll shift from getting hurt on their bike to getting their heart broke. 

Our projects will always give us anxiety, but we’re learning to take breaks because once one job is done, another will start. 

Clients will always call, but we’re learning how to set boundaries so it doesn’t affect our family time. 

We’ll always crave alone time from one another. We’ll always continue to learn more about how to fill each other’s cup up.

Life isn’t going to get easier, but as we’re changing we’re getting stronger together and simply living life differently. All these circumstances in life, especially becoming a parent, have changed us in a way we would have never thought. Our mindset, our heart, time management, self-control, patience, and priorities have shifted.

One of my favorite shirts is my Strong as a Mother shirt. And I couldn’t agree with any saying more. No one is stronger than a mother! As each day in life passes by, we’re going to keep getting stronger and stronger. Life will never get easier. It’ll just be different. 

How about you mommas? How do you feel you have changed since becoming a mother? 

Momma to two beautiful boys and wifey to a hunk of a hubby. Aside from taking care of her family, Morgan is one half of construction2style, a husband and wife home r​emodeling​, styling, and blogging team. construction2style specializes in ​full home residential ​​remodeling, ​interior styling, ​carpentry, and custom-built furniture designs. Morgan and her husband, Jamie, blog about every detail of their current projects, helping readers replicate them in their own homes. She hopes you can learn a thing or two ​through her posts ​about running your own business, home decor, social media marketing… all while being a wife and mom.


  1. This is so true. When my kids where the age yours are now I kept thinking it would get easier. They are 13 and 15 now. Its worse. It’s so much harder them getting older then I ever thought possible. And so far they are good kids! You said exactly how I feel. Drowning.


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