Why Your Child Should Join Cub Scouts

Our partners at Northern Star Scouting share about why Cub Scouts is a great option for a safe and fun activity your child can enjoy this year.

As parents, we’re constantly on the lookout for opportunities to keep our kids active, safe and connected to the world around them. And safe fun has never been a more pertinent topic than it is in 2020!

Cub Scouts is an excellent opportunity for boys and girls in grades K-5th to build friendships and have fun in an outdoors-oriented educational program for youth. Scouting empowers your child to build character and exercise physical, mental, and emotional fitness while giving service to others in their community through valuable lessons in citizenship.

Why Your Child Should Join Cub Scouts | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Here are five benefits of Cub Scouting for your child:

  1. Your kids will make new friends and meet new people.

At such a young age, your child’s worldview can be fairly narrow. Scouting allows them to interact with kids and adults from diverse backgrounds they otherwise may never have met outside their home or school environment. They’ll also be in the good company of a varied field of upstanding volunteers, many of whom range from lawyers, doctors, and business leaders to construction workers, carpenters and farmers. Your Scout will experience great examples of productive people and upstanding community leadership.

  1. Keeping kids active and engaged in the colder months is easier.

Northern Star Scouting offers various indoor and outdoor winter activities to keep your child active and mentally stimulated. Scouts have the opportunity to enjoy tubing, snowshoeing and nature hikes before heading inside for crafts and yummy hot cocoa!

  1. Learning in a new environment challenges kids in fresh and fun ways.

From participating in group activities that exercise their leadership abilities to building things like model rockets from scratch, Scouts get to try their hand at many new things. They also practice their civic duty by volunteering in local communities for park cleanups and food drives. In fact, Scouts in the US rack up over 13 million hours of community service each year!

  1. Along with the fun, kids will gain useful life skills.

Cub Scouts will learn practical skills such as how to use tools while building woodworking projects, basic first aid skills for treating cuts, blisters, insect bites, and nosebleeds and how to respond to more serious situations such as heart attacks, poisoning or when someone is choking. They’ll also learn soft skills such as communication, getting along with others and doing one’s best.

  1. It’s a full-family activity, involving parents and siblings.

Instead of just dropping your Scout off at the door, feel free to come along and take part in activities with them! Cub Scouting is a family program and it’s wonderful to watch your child learn and grow with new friends. You may even learn and grow a little yourself. You were there to watch their first steps and hear their first words. Now, be there for their first night in a tent or their first time baking! Our kids grow up before our eyes in an instant, these are moments that only come once in a lifetime for us as parents and you won’t want to miss a thing.

Why Your Child Should Join Cub Scouts | Twin Cities Mom Collective
Cub Scouts is a fun, safe way to keep your kids active, learn new activities and build friendships! Join the Northern Star Scouting family and be a part of a youth organization with boundless adventures and fun! To learn more about Northern Star Scouting and the Cub Scout group (Pack) closest to you, head to: joincubs.org.


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